My 1 year anniversary of having this blog came and went on October 7th. Oops. I meant to write up something really profound about how this blog has changed my life and how far I’ve come since my first post. But I didn’t have time. And to be honest, I forgot.

What can I say, I’ve been just a little busy. We moved. Isabella had her 2nd birthday. Work got crazy. And then there was the rest of life in between.

We’re getting settle in to the new house and it feels great. I’m not used to having so much room and sometimes I don’t know what to do with it. We have many shelves and cabinets sitting empty in the kitchen because I don’t know what to put in them. The front room feels ginormous, even with Isabella’s toys in it. Our bed room seems big and bare because we need more stuff to fill it. But, it’ll come. Slowly we will make each and every corner of this house our own. The family room and kitchen feel the most done. Here are a few pics:

new family room 2

We still need to put pics up on the walls, and a coffee table in the middle, but you get the idea. On the left side is the new double recliner leather couch we bought. Love! Would like to put bookshelves along that back wall, with the t.v. in the middle, but not sure when we’ll have the budget for that.

new family room 3

The fireplace is coming along. Right now I think this all feels too symmetrical so I have to play with it more. Also needs more height. But it’s a starting point. I love the old polaroid camera on the right side. I found it at a thrift store for $9. I put it there to reflect our love for photography. The pic in the middle is from Ireland, which was the trip on which CJ proposed, and the angel next to it was a gift from my parents when our last baby died. I also plan to put the urn up on the mantle with the baby’s ashes in it. The big clock hanging on the wall was a house warming gift from our real estate agents.

We had a fun weekend doing stuff besides working on the house. We went to Nebraska City and Isabella had so much fun playing with her cousins. This was the first time all of them really played together, since the cousins are so much older. It was neat to see.

2_NE City 10.8.11

Well, it’s time for me to head to bed. I need to get back on my workout schedule in the morning. No excuses!

Happy anniversary Team Trader Mom!

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