Home Sweet Home

My feet are sore. My back is achy. Our laundry is an ever growing pile in the corner of the room. This is our new home, and I love it.

The last 4 days have been a whirlwind. There’s so much to share that I’m not sure I can recount it all in true justice. I had planned to document each moment of the day in photos but that lasted as far as 2 pics and then the whirlwind took over. So here’s the nutshell.

Wednesday, 9/28/11:

  • Late afternoon: discover that the relocation company the sellers of our new house are using (NEI Global – evil!!) is causing issues, thereby preventing us from closing on our house the next morning as planned.
  • Evening and in to the night: packing and more packing

Thursday, 9/29

  • Wake up early, more packing.
  • Find out there is still no word on when we’ll close on the house.
  • We take Isabella and drop her off at Owen’s house. She’ll spend the day there, stay the night and spend the next day. She says good-bye to each room before we leave. This will be her last time ever seeing this house. Bittersweet.
  • Come home and spend the whole day packing and cleaning (rinse and repeat) with the help of my mom.
  • Stop for dinner then go to the new house where we sneak in to clean and lay plastic runners on the carpet.
  • Still no closing time.

Friday, 9/30

  • It’s Isabella’s birthday. We won’t see her until about 6pm. That makes me sad but I know it’s for a good reason.

full house

  • Mayflower movers come at 8:30 (half an hour late).

empty truck

  • Find out they won’t take many items so we scramble to start loading up my SUV. I end up making 3 trips out to the new house with stuff the movers won’t take. I had not planned on that. Get back to find out the truck is full and they are done with the house. However, they have no more room and were supposed to empty out our storage facility too. I’m pissed.
  • Movers break for lunch (neither CJ or I would eat anything until 6:30 that night). We frantically clean to try and get out and meet moves at the new house in an hour. CJ leaves while I finish. Movers take an extra long lunch.
  • Can’t fit all the cold/frozen food in our coolers so I decide to make 2 trips. As I’m heading out on trip #1 I get the call that the closing will be at 4pm. It’s now 2pm. I have to get my car load of stuff to the new house, empty it, get lunch, stop by the bank for a cashier’s check, go to the old house and finish getting the food, plus vacuum, stop and pick up my mom, take her to the new house, pick up CJ and get to the title office by 4pm. No problem!

samson yard

  • Of course I run in to construction, super long lines at the bank, a teller who is in training, and bratty kids standing in the middle of the street! I literally threw the food from the fridge in to the coolers and ran out to the car, dragging the vacuum with me, not bothering to use it. Got to our house at 3:50 and we made it to the title office at 3:58. Phew!
  • Closed on the house – it’s now ours!
  • Came home and tried to get Munchkin’s room ready before she arrived. Finished just in time. She was so happy to see us and be in the new house. She loved it! We ate dinner with our friends and then all crashed in to bed.

family new house

Saturday, 10/1

  • Unpacked, unpacked, unpacked.
  • Celebrated Isabella’s birthday with family





Sunday 10/2

  • Unpacked, unpacked, ran errands, stopped by storage, unpacked
  • Wrote this post
  • Will pay bills and get ready for work
  • Then crash

The move did not go as smoothly as hoped. The movers were late, couldn’t take many things, underestimated the size of truck that would be needed and couldn’t get our storage items, took a long lunch, lied to my mom about the time (she had to write the check b/c we were at closing when they finished) and kept (stole?) CJ’s 6 foot step ladder. You can be damn sure they will be getting a call from me tomorrow demanding they send a truck out to move our storage stuff for free. And to replace the ladder.

But aside from that, we got in and are slowly getting settled. We all love it here. Still getting used to having another level and all this extra space, which is a good problem to have.

Operation Dream Home – complete!!

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