Mums the Word

Yesterday we decided to pack up and head downtown (well, to South Omaha) and see the Chrysanthemum exhibit at the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens. It was the last day of the show so we wanted to catch it before it was gone.

Fun fact: Chrysanthemums are the November birth flower, and therefore, my birth flower! They mean compassion, cheerfulness, rest, loveliness, optimism, abundance, wealth, friendship and secret love – all qualities that can also be used to describe me! Except for wealth. And secret love. And rest.


The flower show was lovely and Isabella enjoyed running along the paths and smelling the different types of mums (there are 9 classifications and over 30 types).


We were the only ones there (except for some cute little old man) and it was kind of fun having the place to ourselves.

mom and bella mums

They also had a koi pond in there with about 6 large koi fish of all colors.

koi pond

Isabella thought they were really fun and she kept calling them “gooey fish” (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).

daddy koi pond

She was in a rather silly mood.

When we were done in there, we headed outside to Kenefick Park, where they have the 2 of the greatest trains built by Union Pacific Railroad. Neither CJ or I had ever been there so it was a fun adventure for all of us.

It was a chilly day so we made Isabella bundle up in her “Murray” coat (everything these days is related somehow to the Wiggles. Murray is the red Wiggle) and put her hood up. She also insisted on wearing her sunglasses.

mom and jackie o

She looked very “Jackie O”, don’t you think?

Here’s “Big Boy”, the world’s largest steam locomotive (or Wags as Isabella called it):

big boy

And here’s Centennial No. 6900 (or the “Sam” train), the largest and most powerful diesel-electric locomotive ever built:

yellow one

These guys were huge! I really felt small standing next to them. Pretty cool to be so close to something so powerful.

daddy and jackie

But soon Isabella grew tired and it was time to go. She was also starting to get cold. And was tired of having her picture taken.

She fell asleep in the car on the way home.

It was a fun day and a nice little family outing – something outdoors before the weather turns too much colder!

Happy Fall!

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One thought on “Mums the Word

  1. You tell her I said “Toot toot chugga chugga big red car, we’ll travel near and we’ll travel far!” And you can also tell her that Andy is hawt in person…so is Greg but she probably doesn’t know Greg! Tee hee

    Great pics!


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