10 Questions for Christmas–part 1

There was no part of this day that was filled with holiday spirit or inspiring cheer. It was actually a pretty bah-humbug kind of day. So, I’m doing another questions list!

I’ll do the first 5 questions tonight and another 5 later in the week! Here we go!

1. Favorite Christmas Song – hands down, “O Holy Night”. Have loved that song for as long as I can remember. My favorite version of it? Josh Grobans!

2. Open presents on Christmas Eve or Day? – our family opens 1 gift on Christmas eve and then the rest on Christmas day. We’ll do our little family in the morning and then head to my parent’s house for the afternoon.


3. Favorite Xmas movie –  “A Christmas Carol”, with George C. Scott. My family would watch this every Xmas eve growing up and my dad always laughed at the exact same part. 2nd favorite would be “Elf”

4. Christmas memory from childhood – decorating the tree. It was always a big deal in our house. We’d have boxes and boxes or ornaments to put up. I loved telling the different stories that went with them too. Playing in the background were my parents old records with Andy Williams and Johnny Mathis crooning carols. My parents always fought while stringing the lights too. At the end, my dad would lift me up and I’d put the star on top of the tree (because I was the youngest). I love those memories!

5. Christmas memory from adulthood – my first Christmas with CJ. I was so nervous about what to get him for a gift! We’d only been dating for 2 months so there was some pressure! He got terribly sick with pneumonia too. He came over to join our family but pretty much curled up on the couch and slept. Poor guy! Another memory is Isabella’s 1st Christmas. We actually got snowed in and couldn’t celebrate with the family. So we spent the day in our pajamas, watching movies, eating cookies, napping and just enjoying each other. Then we got to celebrate again 2 days later when we could get out and be with the family!


Now I’m off to watch the Steelers roll over the Niners!

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