You Capture: Festive

I haven’t done a You Capture in a long long time (like since September). Just haven’t felt like taking a lot of pictures – particularly assignments. But there’s something about the holidays that makes everything seem photo worthy.

My angle on this topic was to take pictures of Christmas trees from different and interesting, well, angles.

festive purple tree

This is Isabella’s playroom tree, taken from above. I wish the purple had come through a little brighter but the lighting wasn’t quite right. Still, there’s something magical and mysterious about this one.

festive reflection

Our big family tree, as reflected in the mirror atop the fireplace mantel. I like the contrast of the modern spiral tree in front and the traditional tree in back.

festive vodka

This, my friends, is a bottle of home-made hazelnut infused vodka. A co-worker gave it to me as a gift. Isn’t that awesome and totally original? I haven’t tasted it yet but I’m thinking it’d be real good with some Kahlua and ice. Or just in my morning coffee. Would that be wrong?

festive samson

And last but certainly not least, Samson asleep on his chair, in front of the tree. Yes, that is HIS chair. It has a special blanket for him and everything. He really REALLY wants to get up and snuggle with us on the leather couch but he’s not allowed. He tries though. He’ll come over and stare at me, batting those big golden lion eyes. It melts my heart. And then I send him to his chair. Sorry dude, we paid too much money to have you claw up the nice new couches. Besides, he looks super cute with all 90 lb.s of him curled up in a tiny little ball on his chair.

As I was getting Isabella ready for bed last night, she started singing “Police mom and dad” to the tune of “Feliz Navidad”. Should I be concerned that her first fill in words to a song involve calling the po-po on us? Whatever it is I didn’t do it! I’m innocent I tell you!

And that will do it for this You Capture. For more, head on over to Beth’s!

you capture logo

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