Christmas Eve

It’s here. The day before Christmas. I actually woke up feeling stressed. Can you believe that? I was thinking about all that I had left to do and wondering how I would get it all done. But you know what, I did.

We started out with a usual morning routine. Breakfast, playtime, some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Then we got ready to go out and brave the world of Target.

It actually wasn’t too bad. Not nearly the nightmare I was expecting. We got a good parking spot and were able to find all the items we needed. Easy peasy. Then we headed home and Isabella napped while I wrapped presents and watched a movie with Ceige.

When Isabella got up, we decided it was too nice out to stay inside so we donned our jackets and headed to the backyard.


We played soccer.


Isabella has always been good with her feet. She was kicking like crazy in the womb and as a baby would use her feet for all kinds of things. She was a monkey girl!


Then we got out the basketball.


Cj was teaching her how to dribble and bounce. She did great for her first go at it!

We also played catch with the football but her interest in that was short-lived so CJ and I played while Isabella drew with sidewalk chalk.

I didn’t feel like cooking so we ordered a pizza and went the easy route. Mmmm…I sense a new tradition forming…

After dinner we did our usual ritual of taking a picture with Santa hats on. We literally had to take 8 pictures before we could get one to turn out.

It was either blurry.


Or CJ looked drunk.


Or Isabella was looking away/blinking/messing with her hat/messing with her face.


Notice that I look pretty much the same in each one – abominable arm and all.

Finally we got one where we were all looking at the camera with our eyes open.


OK so Isabella looks pissed off and tired. Can you blame her since it was taking so long? Even Samson – who I wasn’t going to even try to work in – was sighing and groaning at the length of this operation.

Once we were done we each got to open one present – an ornament. We drew names this year because otherwise we’d end up with like 12 new ornaments just amongst the 4 of us. Oddly enough, CJ and Isabella drew each other’s names and Samson and I drew each other’s names.

DSC01757 DSC01758

Isabella opening her Elmo ornament.


CJ excited about his new Thor ornament.


And I got a little Christmas cupcake ornament. I think Samson thought it was real. He was really eyeing it…

After that and a quick bath for Munchkin, we all piled in the car and drove around to look at Christmas lights. Isabella was singing like crazy and I was able to capture some of it on video, including this rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Samson.

Isabella sings Dr. Knickerbocker and Happy Birthday

Once we got home, it was time to top the night off with everyone singing to Samson over a cupcake.



Yes, that’s a Hostess cupcake. I was ill prepared this year so on the way home from looking at lights, we swung by a gas station to buy Bailey’s Irish Cream and a package of Hostess cupcakes. At 8:00 pm on Christmas Eve. We’re so cool.

Speaking of Bailey’s, it’s time to head downstairs to enjoy said liquor mixed with the hazelnut vodka gifted to me this week, while watching A Christmas Carol.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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