Dancing Queen

Isabella has always been a mover and a shaker. Even in the womb she was rolling and kicking a lot. The nurse joked at our first ultrasound that Munchkin was doing the can-can in there!

So it comes as no surprise that to this day she loves to shake her grove thing any time music is playing. She’s a lot like me that way. I’m “that person” who bobs and wiggles in their seat when good music is playing at a restaurant or bar. And just try and stop me from getting out on the dance floor when we go to the clubs.

Lately I’ve been fortunate enough to have my phone nearby when Isabella was “breaking it down” and have caught a few moments on video. I posted the one already from the Super Bowl party. Here are a few more for your viewing pleasure!

Warning: intense cuteness ahead!

Isabella dancing to the music from her toy lion.

Notice the fancy footwork she does in the middle and then her Bill Cosby hip action toward the end.

Here she is dancing to the “hot dog dance” at the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

The “Hot Dog Dance”–she even starts singing at the end!

And last but not least, today I caught her dancing to the music from her toy camera. She does some fancy moves in this one – using all the space and even mouthing some of the words. Look out Milley Vanilly!

She’s got rhythm, she’s got music…

I hope you enjoyed those as much as we did! We want them over and over mostly because Isabella likes to watch herself. But we never get tired of it either.

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