Hittin’ the Sauce

We are trying to be real with Isabella when it comes to body parts. We call everything by their proper name – even genitalia. One day she walked in on CJ changing his shirt and saw his nipples. She asked what they were and he told her, mentioning that she and mommy have nipples too.

Today when I was changing from work clothes to pajamas, and I took off my bra, she grabbed it and said, “I want to wear nipples.”

I explained to her that a bra was a torture device an item of clothing women wear to support their breasts and nipples. She didn’t get it.

Then she cried out, “Thomas wants to wear nipples too!” and promptly did this:


That’s Thomas wearing my new rainbow striped bra. She said she was decorating him with nipples like how we decorated the Christmas tree.

Mmm, k.

We left the room and went off to do other things. When I went back later to get something, and saw Thomas covered in a bra, my first thought was that he’d been sneaking some booze again. That or visiting the strip clubs. Guess we need to start teaching Isabella about a little thing called “rehab”.

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