2011: A look back

Today has been great. Had a short morning at work, got the oil changed in my car, saw a great movie (“Sherlock Holmes 2” – RDJ and Jude Law – hello!), and then spent a fabulous evening with Isabella. We even had fun cleaning up! When we were done she said, “My playroom looks really nice mommy!”

I’m feeling really positive about life right now and why not? I have it pretty darn good. Sure, there have been some tough times, but who doesn’t have those? And I’m a firm believer that the hard moments are the ones that make you stronger.

2011 was a VERY busy year for our family. There were plenty of ups and downs and lots of changes.


The year started off mixed. On the one hand, I was energetic and excited for my resolutions and in what was sure to be a great year. However, on January 5 something terrible happened in our city. The vice principal at a local high school was shot and killed by a student. This is tragic in so many ways but it hit home for me because 1) many of my friends went to that high school and I would have had I not chosen to go the route of private school, and 2) the vice principal was my Uncle’s cousin’s wife, with whom he was close. A very sad start to the year for those affected.



Bad = The Steelers lost the Super Bowl.

Good = fun family times spent playing in the snow and celebrating our love for each other!



I ended 2 series on this site, Annexed and The OCp. It was bittersweet as I enjoyed it and know many of you did too, but also, it was time to say good-bye.

We also started the process of getting our house ready to put on the market!



Most of April was spent frantically working on the house as we wanted it on the market in May. Lots of time and money devoted to that.

I also started a new job midway through the month!



Our house officially went on the market in May! It was exciting and scary at the same time because it meant this was all really happening!

I had one really crazy day and got out of a speeding ticket just by being a good person. I totally rule. AND I spent the night with Josh Groban, with CJ’s blessing!



In June we went on a big road trip to Michigan (and here and here and here and here) and then we drove to Wisconsin (and here). We had saw lots of family and had lots of fun. Isabella did great too!



Continued projects on the house, trying to refine little things here and there, along with lots of summer fun like going to baseball games and playing in the park!

Also, on a sad note, my uncle died in July unexpectedly. It was really sad and hit home as it could have easily been one of my parents. Really makes you stop and hug everyone you love just a little bit tighter.



We sold our house. We bought a new house. We lost a baby.



In September I had the D&C procedure. Then it was time to move, move, move – literally! The whole experience of closing on the house and moving was a nightmare but we made it through. We moved on the last day of the month – on Isabella’s birthday!



October was spent unpacking, rearranging and getting settled. In the middle of that our house was hit with the flu bug and we were all down for the count in one way or another. I also made a quick trip to Fort Worth, TX for work.



Last month was a big month! I joined Kosama and worked my butt off (or tried). CJ and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. I turned 35. I had an amazing night with Jacob and Edward. AND we were able to see a Steelers game in person (and freeze our little feet off).



Shopping and decorating and baking – oh my! We saw some cool gingerbread houses, visited Santa Claus, fought with Isabella over brushing her teeth and had a lovely holiday season!


Phew! A very busy but good year. Here’s hoping 2012 brings more ups than downs and many blessings to all of us!

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