I hate being cold. I hate the feeling of ice cold hands and frozen feet. Unfortunately, it’s all too common this time of year in Nebraska.

It never fails, no matter how many layers I wear, that when I climb in bed at night, my feet are solid blocks of ice. I have to tuck them under my legs to try and warm them up. My hands are always cold too. But then some magical mystery happens overnight and I become a furnace. I end up kicking my feet out from under the covers and turning on the fan. Strange.

I’m a cold-blooded person in general. You can find me at work in the summer wearing pants and sweaters/sweatshirts because the A/C is freezing me out. And I always bring a jacket to restaurants and move theatres.

Isabella is not cold-blooded. Just today she was running around the house in short sleeves and was totally fine.

The other night, however, after her bath I decided to trim up her hair while it was wet (which makes it much easier to cut). When I was finished, she proclaimed that her head was cold and she wanted to put her hat on.

cold after bath

She also said that she needed a cookie to warm up. I complied.

Hey, I totally get that logic.

In general, we’ve been spoiled with a nice winter so far for Nebraska. Not too many cold days and barely any snow. Fine by me! Over the weekend we all went to the zoo. It was in the 40’s and a decent day for it (and a family outing to cross off my goals list). 

cold bella zoo 

Still, Isabella insisted on wearing hat and gloves with her puffy vest. Plus the super cool sunglasses for good measure. No autographs people.

But our time was due and sure enough, we got snow Tuesday morning.

cold parking lot

That’s the parking lot of the gym. I thought it looked pretty cool (Ha! no pun intended), all striated like a zebra. Still fairly untouched by blade or vehicle. But not cool enough for me to linger outside too long.

cold neighborhood

It wasn’t a lot of snow, but it was enough for me. The wind is what I hate. It blows right through you. And makes for a bad hair day.

cold creek2

The weather people are claiming it’ll be back in the 50’s by Sunday. I sure hope they’re right. I’m not ready for a full out, hard core Nebraska winter. I’ve had 35 years of it and that’s enough, thank you.

Why don’t I live in the South? 

* This post was written as part of the You Capture series. Head on over to I Should be Folding Laundry to see some more great “cold” pics.


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3 thoughts on “Cold

  1. What a sweet girl you have, too cute in her big hat. I always have cold feet at bedtime, it seems no matter how warm I feel everywhere else, my feet just don’t get the message. And fun photos! I like the zebra looking snow.


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