29 Day Organizational Challenge {#29DOC}

I’ve talked before about how “messy” Isabella’s play room is. Relax Sarah, you may be thinking. It is a play room after all.True, but it’s also the first room you see when you enter the house and I want it to at least by organized.

I’m a realist. I know Isabella will take stuff out of bins and make messes. That’s totally fine, so long as everything has a place to go back to.

I also have as one of my 2012 resolutions to figure out a way to divide up her play room from the dining room while at the same time flow together.

To help get my booty in gear, I’ve decided to participate in Org Junkie‘s 29 Day Organizational Challenge. This will hold me accountable and also hold my hand through the process, because let’s face it, tackling a big project like this can be daunting and easy to put off. Plus, I love that Org Junkie doesn’t advocate spending a ton of money to get it done. She’s all about using what you have or buying on the cheap. A woman after my own heart…

Here are some before pics:

I know those aren’t great pics but it’s all I have at the moment and it’s enough to give you the idea. I promise I’ll take better ones!

Wish me luck! I’m looking forward to this challenge!

4 thoughts on “29 Day Organizational Challenge {#29DOC}

  1. I agree with Melsfunnyfarm, keeping kids toys under control specially in a highly visible area and still make it look like adults live there is the hardest task yet.

    Cant wait to see you end results.


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