What’s This White Stuff?

No sooner did Puxatoney Phil see his shadow, did we finally get a winter snow storm here in Nebraska. In a normal year, we would have had several of these storms by now. But this year has been anything but normal. Early last week I was walking around outside in a long sleeved shirt and NO JACKET!

Let that sink in for a moment.

January 31st – in the dead of winter – and it was warm enough to not even have outerwear on.

I could get used to this.

But it looks like I won’t have to. Snow was unleashed on us overnight Friday and we woke up to this.


Everything blanketed in white. Samson loved it. He ran around out there like a crazy dog.


Jumping and digging and leaping through the wet stuff.

When you live in the Midwest, you have to own a snow blower because you know weather like this will happen. We, however, do not own one. We never have. Somehow we’ve managed to get by for 6 years owning a home without a snow blower. We either shovel or rely on the kindness of our neighbors. At our old house, we had great neighbors. They would always take pity on us and do at least our sidewalk for us, and sometimes the driveway too. However, we live in a new neighborhood and figured those good old lazy days were over.

We were going to wait for the afternoon, when most of the snow had stopped, to go out and start shoveling. But around lunch we heard a motor moving down our sidewalk and looked out to see our neighbor across the street clearing our sidewalks for us – and we live on a corner so that’s a lot of ground to cover.


We were really thankful to him for doing that. Then I looked out as he turned into the driveway and started clearing it! Seriously! He did our sidewalk and driveway, along with the neighbor’s driveway too! We were even MORE thankful and I vow, as God is my witness, to bake him cookies or something very soon!

Since we didn’t have to shovel, we had time to play! We bundled up and headed out to the backyard.


I look like I’m in pain there. I’m not. I was just being silly.


Isabella and I played while CJ cleared off the patio. Then we all worked together to build a little micro snowman on the steps.


CJ added some stick arms while I finished it off with raisin eyes and a carrot nose.


Do you see a murderer in that picture? Look toward the bottom corner. Literally 2.5 seconds after I took this photo, Samson ate the eyes and nose and knocked the head off the snowman. Isabella said, “Samson wrecked it! He ate it!”

And so was her first lesson in the cruel humanity of this world.

We had lots of fun and now I’m ready for it all to melt so that I can put my jacket away again.

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