A Day of Love: In Pictures

I know I’m several days late on getting Valentine’s pictures posted. It’s been a busy week.

We had a great Valentine’s week in this house. It started last Friday when CJ surprised me with flowers in the morning.


They were there, sitting right on the leftover Chinese takeout, when I reached in the ‘fridge to get my water bottle for a workout.

Seeing and smelling roses is way better than fried rice.


Friday night was spent decorating and stuffing Isabella’s valentines for her friends.


I bought these cute little mailboxes at Target and then Isabella decorated them with stickers. I made a little postcard with a love note that we tucked inside, along with some fruit snacks and a granola bar. She LOVED making them and she kept calling me the Mail Carrier because I would “deliver” the goodies and she’d stuff them in. So much fun!

Saturday Ceige told us that he had a surprise waiting downstairs. Isabella and I hurried to see and found these waiting on the counter.


He didn’t make the donuts but he did write the little love phrases on them.

And we ate them with passion!

Later that day, Isabella’s boyfriend and his parents came over to celebrate the holiday with us. This has become a tradition ever since the 2 kiddos were born. Here is our first Valentine’s together.


And last year:


Ah, they grow so fast. Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of them this year. Oops. I did however remember to get a shot of the AWESOME cupcakes they made and brought over!



That was a cherry filling. So good.

Isabella dived in face first. Literally.

eating cupcake

On Sunday I made blueberry heart pancakes for breakfast. Sort of.


Admittedly, it’s not my best work, but it’s the thought that counts right? Isabella enjoyed them anyway!


I also made a heart brownie that Isabella helped me decorate.


And by “help”, I mean she pointed to a spot on the brownie and told me what to put there.

The Big V Day itself was fairly uneventful given that it was a Tuesday and I was at work for most of it. There were lots of cards exchanged from all parties, we had dinner at grandma/grandpa’s with the larger family and then came home to open one last present.

reading card



new book

me and munch

Sending love from our family to yours!

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