From the Mouths of Babes: Rhyme Time

Isabella and I have been practicing rhyming lately. You know, for when we start our own hip hop group, “Izzie and Momzy.”

I was telling Grandma how well Isabella is doing and wanted to demonstrate so I said, “Munchkin, what rhymes with ‘sit’?”

She looked at me and replied, “SHIT!”

I immediately flashed back to when I was 10 and called my sister a bitch. I had soap in my mouth so fast, even Superman couldn’t save me. In horror, I turned to see what my parents reaction would be. 

They both burst out laughing.

I then started to wonder where in the world Isabella got that word from since we’re careful not to swear around her (sure, we slip up now and again but overall we’re pretty darn good about it). My question was answered when she went on to say, “And cake rhymes with SHAKE! And dirt rhymes with SHIRT! And park rhymes with SHARK!”

She was simply rhyming everything with ‘sh-‘ words.


Just in case, I’ll steer clear of asking her to rhyme words with ‘duck’ or ‘witch’ or ‘class’.


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