From the Mouths of Babes: Rhyme Time

Isabella and I have been practicing rhyming lately. You know, for when we start our own hip hop group, “Izzie and Momzy.”

I was telling Grandma how well Isabella is doing and wanted to demonstrate so I said, “Munchkin, what rhymes with ‘sit’?”

She looked at me and replied, “SHIT!”

I immediately flashed back to when I was 10 and called my sister a bitch. I had soap in my mouth so fast, even Superman couldn’t save me. In horror, I turned to see what my parents reaction would be. 

They both burst out laughing.

I then started to wonder where in the world Isabella got that word from since we’re careful not to swear around her (sure, we slip up now and again but overall we’re pretty darn good about it). My question was answered when she went on to say, “And cake rhymes with SHAKE! And dirt rhymes with SHIRT! And park rhymes with SHARK!”

She was simply rhyming everything with ‘sh-‘ words.


Just in case, I’ll steer clear of asking her to rhyme words with ‘duck’ or ‘witch’ or ‘class’.


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From the Mouths of Babes–A Conversation

I put Isabella down to bed tonight and about 45 minutes later I hear her at the top of the stairs. I run to go check on her. The following is the conversation we had when I got upstairs.

  • ME: What are you doing sweetheart?
  • ISABELLA: I want to tell you that I’m not going to sleep tomorrow night.
  • ME: You’re not going to sleep tomorrow night?
  • I: No I’m not.
  • ME: Well ok. I guess you better get good sleep tonight then!
  • [Isabella runs down the hall to her room]
  • I: I was looking EVERYWHERE for you mommy!
  • ME: I was downstairs sweetheart.
  • I: What were you doing?
  • ME: Painting my toenails and watching TV. Remember how you helped me pick out some pretty pink nail polish? Now I’m putting it on.
  • I: Can I see?
  • ME: I don’t have the color on yet. You can see tomorrow.
  • I: Tomorrow I will look and there will be pink all over!
  • ME: Yes, something like that…but you have to go to sleep first. And if you go to sleep right away, I’ll make a special surprise for breakfast.
  • I: [gasps] What is it?
  • ME: You’ll find out in the morning.
  • I: But what’s the surprise?
  • ME: I’ll make you cinnamon biscuits.
  • I: [gasps again and whispers] Cinnamon biscuits!
  • ME: But you have to go to sleep right now!
  • I: I want to kiss your nose first!
  • ME: Ok [leans down toward her. She grabs the side of my face and pulls me close, kissing my nose]

Some of you may think I’m taking poetic license when I type up her sayings – you know, filling in all the prepositions and other words to make a complete sentence.

I don’t.

I type it exactly how she says it. She really does talk that way.


Better go make sure I have everything I need for cinnamon biscuits!

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From the Mouths of Babes–Bedtime edition

Isabella says the funniest things at night when she’s talking herself to sleep. Tonight it was,

“Spiderman is a superhero. He is red and blue. That matches. Ironman wears a mask made out of iron. Spiderman wears a mask made of spiders. Batman has a mask like a bat. Robin’s mask looks like a robin. Wolverine wears a mask that looks like a wolver.”


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