Potty Time

It has begun.

The dreaded “PT”.

Potty Training.

Admittedly, we’ve been putting this off for a while. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like we haven’t broached the subject at all. We’ve read books on potty time. Bought her a special Sesame Street potty seat. Even had her try it once or twice. But that was about it. We didn’t push much more than that.

Last week we took her in for her 3 year well check visit and the doctor told us it was time to get serious about it.


So this weekend we got to work.

Friday night we went out and bought her some new underwear. She already had a package at home that was a gift but we thought it would help her get in to the idea of the whole thing if she got to pick out her own. She chose the sock monkey ones.

Saturday morning we had dance class so I waited until we got back from that. When we changed out of her leotard, I put “big girl” panties on her. Every 30 minutes I asked if she needed to use the potty. If she said no, I’d ask again. If she still said no then we dropped it.

She had her first accident around noon. I was in the kitchen and she ran in and said, “Mommy I pooped!” She showed me and she had actually just peed. There was a nice big puddle in her play room. So we got the paper towels and I had her help me dab it up (after we wiped up her legs and changed her to clean undies). Then she helped me get out the steam cleaner and clean the carpet. After all that I said, “Phew! It sure would have been easier if you’d have just gone on the potty!” The whole thing didn’t seem to phase her that much.

The second accident happened a couple hours later. We were playing. I asked if she had to use the potty and she said no. Then I heard a dribble sound and sure enough she was going. Again we went through the clean-up routine. This time she seemed a little bothered by it.

During her nap we put a diaper on her. She fought her nap big time too. One excuse she used was, “Mommy! I lost my sense of spit!” At another point she cried out that she had to pee. I didn’t know whether to believe her or if it was all a rouse. But I couldn’t very well ignore it so off to the bathroom we went. Sure enough, she peed in the toilet! Success!

As a reward, we made chocolate owl cookies!


With a few “Mickey Mouse” cookies for good measure.

Her 3rd accident came after dinner. She was outside playing with CJ when I heard crying. She came in all upset that she had wet herself. I figured we were making progress in the simple fact that she went from “I don’t care” to crying with each progressive accident.

Today, we got up and used the potty first thing. And she went on it! She was very proud of herself – and I was proud of her too!

She’s getting more confident too. Now, she goes in the bathroom and tells me not to go in with her because she can “do it herself!” And she does. I help her wipe but otherwise she manages the whole operation on her own.

Such an independent diva.


No accidents yet either! *knock on wood, rub my lucky rabbit’s foot, and wish on a 4-leaf clover*

She even did #2 in the potty – twice! She’s starting to recognize the feelings and will tell me she has to go before I ask her.

So, we’re making progress. Are we all the way there yet? No. We still have to remind her and be vigilant about it and of course she’s not to the point of taking naps or going to bed without a diaper. But we’re definitely on the right track and I’m amazed at how quickly she took to it. After yesterday and so many accidents I was somewhat discouraged but the progress today has been amazing.


We might just be potty trained in time for pre-school in January! Not to mention the new baby. NOT having 2 kids in diapers would be a huge blessing.

{to the tune of Eddie Murphy’s ‘My Girl Likes to Party All the Time’} MY GIRL LIKES TO POTTY ALL THE TIME, POTTY ALL THE TIME, POTTY ALL THE TIME!

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