20 Weeks–Halfway there!

Can you believe I’m halfway through my pregnancy? I can’t. Some days it feels like I’m still in the very beginning. Other times it feels like I should be way closer to “done”.

I also know that what’s left is the hard part. The body getting bigger, and more unwieldy. Aches and pains popping up. And of course the actual delivery.


Can you believe I forgot to take a picture? I would take one now but I’m in my P.J.’s and no one wants to see that.

So here’s one from my pregnancy with Isabella. I look pretty much the same then as now!

I had Isabella via C-Section (after many intense hours of pushing after which they told me her head was too big to fit through and she was backward) so not sure what we’ll do with this one. I’m told that at 36 weeks the doctor can tell me if a vaginal birth is possible or if I’ll have to do another C. If given the choice, I’ll probably try the vaginal route rather than have another surgery. There are trade-offs. C-Sections are much easier and faster in the moment, and can be scheduled, but the recovery is longer. Vaginal births are obviously less ‘convenient’ in terms of timing and are much more intensive but you bounce back quicker (so I hear). I also like the idea of nature deciding my baby’s birthday rather than me picking one.


Believe it or not, she still makes that face when she’s crying!

My stomach is a black hole: I’ve entered a phase in which I CANNOT get enough to eat. I am always hungry. My family had a birthday celebration on Sunday for my dad and me, at which chili and spaghetti along with sides were served. I went back through the “buffet” 3 times and was still hungry. So an hour later I had some cheese/crackers and graham crackers with frosting. Then an hour after that I had cake and ice cream.

And I did not feel full or stuffed.

I’m hoping this is a temporary phase because if I keep going at this rate I’ll be a frickin’ balloon by the time April rolls around.

At least I can take advantage come Thanksgiving tomorrow! My Brother in law has some competition this year! And I’ll have my Thanksgiving pants on – score!

Oh heck yeah! Bring it!

Bigger and bigger:That being said, I’m starting to notice other areas of my body growing. Up to this point it’s pretty much been the belly and boobs. Over the weekend I noticed my pants getting more snug in the butt too. Then the other morning when I went to put on my knee high boots, I discovered they were tighter as well. Yep, my calves are expanding (and I don’t think it’s muscular). What’s next?

I’ll tell you what’s next. I just discovered that the one thing I hated more than anything else from my 1st pregnancy has started to manifest. That’s right – cankles. I had swelling in my feet and ankles really bad the first time around. I couldn’t believe how puffy I was. And it hurt. I thought maybe I’d be spared that with this one since it’s during a cooler time of year.

I guess not. Crap.

Nursery mood:I promised last week that I would provide more insight in to our nursery and gave a subtle hint.


Ok maybe it wasn’t that subtle…

You guessed it, the nursery is going to be centered around the books by Eric Carle. I like that it’s simple, full of bright colors and gender neutral (since we’re not finding out the sex…right CJ?).

I like the look of this nursery:

caterpillar nursery


I probably won’t buy the Pottery Barn bedding or accessories – who can afford that? – but instead improvise on my own. I plan to put some pics on the wall with animals from the books (most likely made by me using books found at Goodwill or other Thrift stores) and add various animal accents too. Our nursery will probably be more primary color focused than the above picture. I’m thinking of making the walls a cheery yellow. I like some of these colors:


Not too bright but not too light either. Accent colors will be reds and blues and greens.

Right now it’s jumble of ideas in my head. I think it’ll come together pretty easily though!

That’s it for this week. I just wanted to end by thanking everyone who takes the time to read my silly little blog. Some days I feel like I’m just writing to myself (and that’s ok – it’s good for me). But the times I get feedback, whether via comments here or on Facebook, are really exciting. So thanks for the support and happy Thanksgiving!

In case you missed it, here are update from the previous weeks!

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