The Translator

Isabella has a pretty big vocabulary for a 3 year old. I’m constantly amazed at what words she knows. She’s also kind of a know-it-all.

I can’t imagine where she got that from…

When she doesn’t know what a word means she just makes something up. She’ll say, “[xx] is Spanish for ___”.


Before you say anything – yes we are growing her bangs out which is why they hang in front of her face. And if your name is Fred and you’re related to her, no, you can’t cut them.

Here are a few excerpts from Isabella’s Language Dictionary:

  • “’Grrr’ is dog Spanish for ‘bark’”
  • “Rum punch is the English word for fruit punch.” (English being the King’s English of course!)
  • “Zenta is the English word for underwear!” (I don’t even know where she got Zenta. She was looking at a Ziploc lid and I think saw the ‘z’ and went from there…)

And then there are her shortened version so words or names. Many times these come in to play when she can’t admit she got a word wrong.

  • “His name is Daddy but I call him CJ for short”
  • (When I asked her what she calls me for short) “Well, Mommy of course”!”
  • She called something an asteroid and I corrected her because it was a star. “Well, I call stars ‘asteroids’ for short sometimes.”

So there you have it! Some recent Isabella-isms and translations! Thanks goodness I have her around to help me understand what The Brit is saying! Oh wait, most of the time what the Brit is saying isn’t appropriate for young ears…

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