Isabella Baby Moments

Took Isabella to volleyball tryouts last night (CJ was running them so he had to be there and we just tagged along for a while). For one, it got us out of the house and two, gave her a chance to run around in a gym, explore and basically tire her out. “Blow the stink off of her” as my mom would say.


Always a win!

An added bonus was that I got to see many friends whom I haven’t in a while due to not playing and it being wintertime when everyone hibernates. Many of these people hadn’t seen Munchkin in ages either and the overall consensus is that she’s really growing up, has a good fashion sense (I’ll take credit for that one…oh wait, CJ dressed her yesterday so I guess I have to give him credit. Fine.) and has cute curly hair.

One friend asked if she was excited to be a big sister. She said yes and then before I could stop her, proceeded to pull my shirt up and point to my belly saying, “There’s a baby in there!”

Yes sweetie, everyone is well aware of that just by looking at me…no one needs to see naked pictures as evidence!

Fortunately I had the kind of maternity jeans on which go up over your belly so people weren’t subjected to seeing my stretched out skin. High five to that!


Another friend asked if she wanted a baby brother or sister. Her response? “I’ve been asking God for a baby sister.”

Cue the collective “aw…”

I had no idea that this is what she was hoping for! She’s never really shown much of a preference either way. I also didn’t know that she talks to God. We’re not an overly religious family so while we talk about God we don’t make a point of praying together every night or pushing any certain religion on her.

But man oh man will this earn her major points with the grandparents!

She’s also getting VERY excited about painting both her room and the nursery. She has specific ideas too which is great. The whole point of getting her involved in picking out colors and such was to generate excitement and I’m relieved that it’s working.

Tonight’s outing? A trip to Lowe’s to pick up paint samples! Oh boy, oh boy! (or maybe oh girl, oh girl!)


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