What I Will and Won’t Miss about Being Pregnant

As I enter the third trimester, I’m starting to fantasize about the things I’ll be able to do again once the baby is born. While I recognize that pregnancy is a gift in so many ways (and feel very blessed that we have the opportunity to have another child), I am definitely not one of those people who loves and relishes the 9 months of pregnancy and wants to pop out baby after baby.

I like alcohol too much.


Ok fine. It’s the raw cookie dough that I long for.

At any rate, lately I’ve found myself thinking about all the restrictions that will be lifted come April. Not just health related stuff either. I look around at CJ playing on the floor with Isabella or people wearing cute clothes that they don’t make in maternity sizes and feel envious. So I thought I’d make a list of a few little things I’m looking forward to after our cute bundle of joy makes an appearance!

I can’t wait to…

1. Bend over. Wait, that sounded bad. You know what I mean. It’s the small things isn’t it? Picking up dropped items on the floor…reaching into lower drawers…tying your shoes…shaving.

2. Have the ability to reach across tables, countertops, desks or any other surface. I seriously have a car wash receipt on the dashboard of my car that has been there for 3 weeks because I can’t reach it to throw it away.

3. Sleep / lie on my back and stomach. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night in a panic because you’re lying on your back and don’t know how long you’ve been in that position? No? Then you’re not pregnant.

4. Cook without getting food on my belly because I don’t realize it’s touching the counter. Many a night have I gone upstairs to change in to jammies and looked in the mirror only to see a line of food stains across my shirt. I guess that explains why Samson sniffs my bump a lot.

5. Run and jump and be more physically active. Ok I don’t really long to go for a run any time soon but I at least want the option! Yes I still work out right now but it’s very low key. I want to sweat dammit!

6. Hold Isabella any way or time that I want. Though, it can be a convenient excuse for those times when she needs doesn’t need to be carried and is just being difficult.

7. Have a lap again. Right now Isabella can’t really snuggle on my lap. She has to sort of sit next to me. She still tries to sit directly on my lap but can’t really lean back and snuggle so it’s awkward. And I hate it.

8. Have a waist. ‘Nuf said.

26 wks_01.03.13 top2

9. Wear my regular clothes again. Or cute new clothes for that matter. I’m getting tired of maternity clothes. Wearing the same rotation of shirts all the time gets old fast and I’m running out of ways to change up the outfits. Also I really only have 2 pairs of jeans that fit and look decent so I’m doing a lot of laundry and pretty much live in yoga pants on the weekend. I look forward to the day when I can box up all the maternity clothes and ship ’em to Goodwill!

10. NOT hear comments about how big I’m getting. I eagerly anticipate the days of hearing people tell me how great I look/how much weight I’ve lost/how they almost mistook me for a celebrity. What? It could happen…

There are a few things about pregnancy that I will miss. Ok only 2.

1. Elastic pants – old ladies and Santa Claus have the right idea. Especially at Thanksgiving!

2. Baby movements and kicks – no matter how many times it happens, the baby moving around inside you never gets old

But above all, the # 1 thing I am most looking forward to after pregnancy is getting to know and hold our new little baby! Every other ache, pain and inconvenience is worth getting to that point.

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