I hated statistics class in college. But just for giggles, I’m gonna throw some numbers at ya.







What do all these numbers mean?

Well, here’s a hint on the first one!


38 weeks today. That means 2 more weeks until I’m technically “full term”, although really anything after 37 weeks is considered full term in the practical sense.

So far I’ve gained 46 pounds.


Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic but you get the idea. I’m big. Although, I only feel big where my bump is concerned. I don’t feel ginormous all over like I did with Isabella. Most of the weight is concentrated in the baby area!

Which is why the doctor wants to do another ultrasound next week for a growth check. It’s not that she thinks the baby is huge but because I’m trying for a VBAC, they have to be very careful about every little measurement. It’s a game of centimeters, as she put it. So if the baby is just a centimeter or 2 turned in the wrong direction, they won’t risk it. Same for size. If they think TTB is going to be big, they won’t let me go vaginally. Next week, 39 weeks, is the big decision point. If I’m not progressing by then, they’ll go ahead and schedule a C-section instead of waiting any longer. If I am progressing, they’ll let me go up to 41 weeks.

Today, I was dilated almost 2 cm and 75% effaced. That’s progress! The previous 2 weeks I was showing no progress at all so this is good news. The doctor was able to get her finger just barely through the cervix and feel the baby’s head, which means TTB is down and moving the right way.


Now, does this mean I could deliver at any moment? No. The speed of progression is different for every woman. Some could go from 2cm to 9 overnight and others could take another couple weeks. My body seems to take a long time so I’m not loading the car with my bags or anything just yet.

Throughout this pregnancy, I have been plagued by insomnia. The kind where you can’t go back to sleep once you get up in the middle of the night. It’s frustrating but I deal with it. The odd thing is that almost every time this occurs, it’s when I wake up at 3:30 a.m. If I wake up at any other time, I’m usually able to fall asleep again right away. But there’s something about the 3:30 witching hour that keeps me up. Wonder if this means something? Maybe it’s a premonition of the time of morning when the baby will come. Guess we’ll find out!

The “0” refers to the number of days I have left of working in the office. From now on, I’m going to work from home. CJ was actually surprised to hear this because with Isabella, I literally worked right up to the end. I was scheduled for an induction at 5:30 am on a Wednesday and worked until 5pm the day before.


But things are different this time. For one, Isabella was showing no indication of coming out. At my 41 week appointment, I was only 1 cm and not budging. So I knew I was pretty safe in being at work and not going in to labor. Also, I was a contractor then so I didn’t have as much flexibility.

This time around, I have both the means and opportunity to work from home so I’m going to take it. I will be much more comfortable.


It was kind of weird to leave work today knowing I wouldn’t be back to that building ever (we’re moving to a new location during my leave) and wouldn’t see most of those people until July. Surreal, but also good.

It means we’re almost there.

Many have said they think the baby will come this Easter weekend. While that would be kind of neat, I also want to have a nice, uninterrupted holiday. Sort of one last hurrah with our little family, until it expands to be a little bit bigger.

And I know Isabella does NOT want her Easter egg hunt ruined!

Happy Easter weekend to you all and who knows, maybe my next post will be to report baby arrival news!

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