Hippity Hop

Another holiday has come and gone. There’s always so much build-up and sometimes the day ends up being a disappointment if it doesn’t live up to the hype.

But not this one!

Our Easter weekend was just lovely. A lot of people were predicting the baby might make an appearance during the holiday but I was hoping it wouldn’t. I wanted this one last holiday with just our little threesome.

I had Friday off of work so Isabella and I had a Girl’s Day. She reminded CJ and Samson of that over and over too!

First we colored eggs.


Yes, she’s wearing Christmas jammies to color Easter eggs. Hey, why not!

I told her that we were going to “dye eggs for Easter” and her response was, “Mommy! I don’t want to kill any eggs!”

Die vs. dye…good time for a lesson in homophones!

She did 10 of the eggs the traditional way, with a dye kit bought from the store.


And I taught her how to marbleize them.


She resisted at first but eventually got really in to it.

The last 2 eggs she colored with finger paints!


I forgot to take a pic of the final painted eggs but let’s just say they were both brown all over. Another good lesson – mixing all the colors together makes brown!

A few of the eggs then got stickers added to them, once dry.


Once all the “real egg” stuff was done, we got dressed and headed outside to hang plastic eggs in the tree! This was her idea, though I had seen it done by someone in our old neighborhood and thought it would make a fun project. Plus, it was gorgeous out so might as well enjoy some sunshine!


Isabella ended up not being much help. She thought it was too windy and darted back inside while I finished hanging all the eggs. Figures.


But I was able to coax her back out when I suggested we go for a walk and pick up “treasures” (aka trash) along the way. She thought that was a great idea!

The plan was to only walk by a couple houses and then turn around and come back. I wasn’t sure how far I’d be able to go. Well, we ended up at the park, which is about 2 long blocks up the hill. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as tired as I thought I would be and Munchkin had a ton of fun playing on the swings and such, after having not visited the playground in months.


We ended the day by going out for ice cream cones and getting the car washed.


She wasn’t thrilled at the idea of a car wash (she hates the loud noise) but the ice cream made it better.

Then came Easter Sunday!

We let her do the Easter egg hunt right away and sort through the eggs while I made breakfast.




After a breakfast of hard-boiled eggs and cinnamon rolls, we had her hunt for her Easter basket.

It was hidden in the laundry room so I thought I was being all clever and vague by saying “a room with soap.” Could be any number of rooms with soap in the house! 1 of 3 bathrooms, kitchen, nursery….but oh no, she went right to the laundry room! So much for trying to outsmart her!


We then got dressed and ready and headed to my parent’s house for the family event! Again, we did the egg hunt first so that we wouldn’t have the kids asking about it over and over during lunch.

It was nice enough to be outside and Isabella loved her “princess dress”.



The kids played and played outside most of the day and only came in to chill in front of the TV long enough to eat some snacks.


It was a fun-filled weekend and a nice holiday all around.

Now that we’re through it, the baby can come anytime! Let’s get this show on the road!

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