Team Trader 2.0


As you can imagine, I’m not getting the greatest sleep these days. You know, with a  new baby  and all.

Meet Cora Jane.


She made her debut on Monday, 4/8 at 7:38 am. I plan to write a full account of her birth story one of these days, but for now I just wanted to give a quick update. Her birth saga is actually just that – a saga. Nothing was as I had imagined or planned it, yet it was all perfect in its own way.

I am doing well. Was able to have a successful VBAC. Although it hurts to walk or sit, I’m glad I pursued the VBAC option. It was an experience unlike any other.

Isabella was not quite sure what to think of Miss Cora at first.


She seemed to be more excited about the hospital itself, and the room service, than the actual baby. She refused to hold her and pretty much kept her distance. However, once we brought Cora home, she started to come around. She still won’t hold her, which is totally fine since Isabella is a big ball of energy and you never know when she’s going to jump up or do something silly, and some of the concepts of a baby are still foreign to her. She does like to “play” with her and every day she tells me how cute the baby is.


Already we can see so many differences between our 2 girls. Isabella was alert and active from the moment she came in to the world. Cora has been much more laid back and sleepy. Although not colicky or extremely bad, Isabella was way more fussy. She cried a lot. Cora just goes with the flow. Oh and of course, Isabella loved her pacifier from the second we gave it to her. Cora refuses to take one (thank God!) I guess all the categorizations they make about oldest and youngest children are true for us – at least so far!

Here are a few picture comparisons of the 2 girls.

Do you think they look alike? Also, notice that Isabella’s eyes are open and alert in every single picture while Cora is sleeping in most of them.

Day 1: Isabella 


Cora –


Of course I had to take one with Samson (who by the way had a freak out moment when we first brought Cora home but has quickly welcomed her to the pack)





And finally, wearing the same outfit:





So there you have it. The adjustment has been much easier this time around, probably because we knew what to expect. We were a lot smarter about some things, having learned from experience. Not to say that it’s all been easy, but it definitely was not as jarring and life altering as it was the first time around. Having a more easy going baby helps a lot too.

Not sure how often I’ll be able to post but I will try to get back soon with Cora’s birth story and an update on how I’m feeling and doing. Operation “No more maternity jeans” has begun!

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