By the Hammer of Thor!

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Thor movies.

They are full of action, adventure, myth, humor, Gods, monsters, family dysfunction, romance, blah blah…Chris Hemsworth.

Yes I like the Marvel comic movies in general because, well, they’re just fun. But having Mr. Hemsworth to look at doesn’t hurt either!

Neither does him taking his shirt off, which was my only criticism with the second movie, Thor: The Dark World. Not enough shirtless time.



But I digress.

Yesterday I was chatting with a co-worker about upcoming weekend plans. He mentioned that his son’s birthday party was on Sunday and it had an Avengers theme. Then he rolled his eyes at his wife and how she’s one of those “Pinterest Moms” that goes way overboard for their kids’ birthday parties – overdoing a theme, hand making decorations, going crazy with food and inviting everyone they know. He went on to tell me some of the items she was making – including cake pops that will be in the shape of Thor’s hammer.

That’s when this conversation happened.

  • Me: Oh how cute!
  • Male co-worker: She’s also making cake pops that have to do with Hulk.
  • Me: Huh. Well I would like the hammer ones. I think I would eat Thor’s hammer.
  • MALE co-worker: [just stares at me and smirks]
  • Me: I mean the cake pops. Not THAT way. [nervous giggle] I don’t care about Thor’s hammer. Well, not that I don’t care I mean I’m sure he has a nice hammer but you know…

And then I just stopped talking. 

I think my face was 50 Shades of Red.

He just laughed and changed the subject while in my head I ran screaming from the room, all the way to Asgard.

I’m pretty sure I won’t live that one down for a long time.  Not even 30 minutes later, another co-worker asked me for some help and when I went to her desk she said, “Oh, before I forget, I’m supposed to ask you about Thor’s hammer.”

You said it Ron…

Have you ever had a super embarrassing moment at work? Or kept talking and digging yourself deeper in to a hole?

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