By the Hammer of Thor!

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Thor movies.

They are full of action, adventure, myth, humor, Gods, monsters, family dysfunction, romance, blah blah…Chris Hemsworth.

Yes I like the Marvel comic movies in general because, well, they’re just fun. But having Mr. Hemsworth to look at doesn’t hurt either!

Neither does him taking his shirt off, which was my only criticism with the second movie, Thor: The Dark World. Not enough shirtless time.



But I digress.

Yesterday I was chatting with a co-worker about upcoming weekend plans. He mentioned that his son’s birthday party was on Sunday and it had an Avengers theme. Then he rolled his eyes at his wife and how she’s one of those “Pinterest Moms” that goes way overboard for their kids’ birthday parties – overdoing a theme, hand making decorations, going crazy with food and inviting everyone they know. He went on to tell me some of the items she was making – including cake pops that will be in the shape of Thor’s hammer.

That’s when this conversation happened.

  • Me: Oh how cute!
  • Male co-worker: She’s also making cake pops that have to do with Hulk.
  • Me: Huh. Well I would like the hammer ones. I think I would eat Thor’s hammer.
  • MALE co-worker: [just stares at me and smirks]
  • Me: I mean the cake pops. Not THAT way. [nervous giggle] I don’t care about Thor’s hammer. Well, not that I don’t care I mean I’m sure he has a nice hammer but you know…

And then I just stopped talking. 

I think my face was 50 Shades of Red.

He just laughed and changed the subject while in my head I ran screaming from the room, all the way to Asgard.

I’m pretty sure I won’t live that one down for a long time.  Not even 30 minutes later, another co-worker asked me for some help and when I went to her desk she said, “Oh, before I forget, I’m supposed to ask you about Thor’s hammer.”

You said it Ron…

Have you ever had a super embarrassing moment at work? Or kept talking and digging yourself deeper in to a hole?

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Twihard with a Vengeance

Hi. My name is Sarah and I’m a Twihard.

I loved the Twilight books and I love the movies. Some may say the movies are cheesy/poorly done/poorly acted. To those people I say “phooey”. They may not win Academy Awards but they’re fun and a good escape for 2 hours.

Why do I like them so much? They have everything! In the words of grandpa from The Princess Bride (another fav movie), “Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles!” Not to mention vampires, werewolves, and high school angst – oh my!

I know these books were written for teens but let’s face it, there’s still a teenage girl alive and rampant inside every grown woman. That’s the side of us that gossips, feels insecure and gets nervous around cute boys. I read through all 4 books over a 4 week period during my pregnancy with Isabella. Basically my butt didn’t leave the couch for that month except to go to work. And I read them over lunch breaks at work too. They sucked me in big time and I love every minute of it.

Now to another important point. I’m on  Team Jacob. Even before seeing Taylor Lautner I liked Jacob more the Edward (and Taylor only confirms my allegiance – have ya seen him without his shirt? HELLO!!). Jacob is kind and loyal and warm . Edward is bossy and moody and cold. Classic werewolf vs. vampire I suppose. Plus I’m a dog person so when it comes right down to it, I’ll pick the werewolf every time.

Last night CJ and I went to see Breaking Dawn part 1. I was so excited all day for it! Breaking Dawn was my least favorite book of the series but I had heard the movie was the best so far. I was ready to find out!

Movie time was 7:30 and we had no idea what kind of crowds there might be so we grabbed a quick dinner and headed over there around 6:30. I had purchased our tickets online so that we could walk right up to the ticket taker and not wait in line at the front. The guy told me the theatre wasn’t open yet and that we’d have to get in line. He pointed to a roped off area behind me and guess what – we were the first ones there!

breaking dawn line

But it didn’t take long for the line to form behind us. We had to wait about 30 minutes before they opened the doors. We passed the time talking to the people around us. Turns out they are from Tekamah, NE which is where CJ lived for about 7 years as a kid. They knew a lot of the same people and it was fun to catch up on how old friends are doing. Finally they let us in and we ran to get our prime viewing spot – middle of the very back row! Perfect!

breaking dawn movie

(By the way, did you notice that only one side of my glasses has a slight glare on it? That’s because there is no lens on the right side. It fell out weeks ago due to a crack in the frame and I haven’t gone in to get new ones yet. Yes, I’m cheap. And a procrastinator. So I just wear them with only one lens. Is that redneck?)

(Oh and that “beauty mark” next to my right lip is not a mole – it’s my Cindy Crawford zit. *sigh*)

The movie was awesome. The special effects were better in this one than the others. They’ve gotten much improved at the werewolf transformation and fight scenes. There were several parts that gave me goose bumps (CJ too!) and they ended it just the right way. I had heard some people weren’t happy with the ending but I thought it was perfect.

Now I have to wait a year before the next one! Torture!

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Saturday night was Date Night for CJ and me. We haven’t had one of those in a while and it was good to get out. Overall the evening was great – went out to dinner, caught a movie, walked around in the moonlight and then stopped for a yummy dessert. Jealous yet? 

But wait, there’s more!

The only black spot was our movie going experience. There is a dine-in movie theatre in one of the newly renovated parts of Omaha, Midtown Crossing, that we’ve heard a lot about but not experienced. So, we thought it would be fun to check it out. I had heard from several friends that the food there was just ok, so we ate dinner at another restaurant and then went to the theatre for the show and snacks. 

Being newbies, we had no idea what to do. We walked in and instead of finding a ticket counter, there was only an escalator, some movie posters and 3 computers at which to purchase tickets. So we got regular tickets (i.e. not in the dining section) and heading upstairs. On the 2nd floor is a lounge so we kept going up to the 3rd floor.

This reminded us a lot of what going to movies is like in NYC. You literally have to go up many flights to get to your theatre. One movie we saw was on the 10th floor! The difference is that everything is well-marked and laid out there so you know exactly where you’re going. It wasn’t well-marked at this theatre.

Anywho, we got to the 3rd floor and were greeted by a ticketing agent. She sees our tickets and tells us that the regular seats are the first 3 rows, as in those closest to the screen. I did not want to see “Thor” 3-D that close up, so we shelled out an extra $1 a piece to sit in the dining area, in the very back.

We go in and sit down. It’s about 7 pm at this time. A waitress comes over and tells us this is not her theatre but she’s helping some guy out and takes our order: 2 pops and a large plain popcorn. Seems pretty easy right? She brings our pops right away but then says it’ll be a minute on the popcorn.

So we spend some time trying to figure out how to adjust the seats, which are basically glorified office chairs. You have to stand up and pump this lever to raise it up. If you pump the lever while sitting in it, you go down. I am not kidding you, it took us 5 min. of standing then sitting then standing then sitting to get our chairs right. That’s when I discovered there was a server calling button right in my view so I made CJ switch with me (since he’s taller it didn’t block his view) and then we did the chair adjustment charade all over again!

I had just gotten comfie in my new chair when a different waitress came over with out popcorn. It was a HUGE tub! As she went to hand it to me, she knocked the bucket against another chair and popcorn went flying everywhere. She was mortified and immediately started scraping it back in the bucket (and all over the floor and the chair next to us) and apologizing over and over. She mumbled that she’d be back with another bucket.

A few minutes later a couple of guys came to sit next to us and cursed the fact that there was popcorn all over their chairs.

The movie starts. It’s 7:30 pm now and we still have no new popcorn.We get through the previews and I tell CJ to press the call button. A waiter comes over (this is now yet another person) and asks if we’re ready to order. We tell him we ordered 45 min. ago. He says he’ll be right back with our popcorn. He comes over and hands us a small tub and leaves. At this point I don’t care that it’s the wrong size. I’m hungry and I dig in. Turns out he had brought us BUTTERED popcorn, which CJ absolutely abhors! I love it but usually sacrifice the butter for him, and for the state of my cardiovascular system. I warned CJ that it was butter and I thought he was going to pull a Hulk and turn green right there on the spot. CJ ANGRY! Would have been somewhat apropos considering we were at a Marvel movie.

We press the call button again. The dude comes over and CJ tells him we got the wrong kind. Waiter looks over at me, who is basically face planted into the bucket and devouring it not unlike how the Tasmanian Devil might. CJ says something about though his wife enjoys the butter he does not. Dude says he’ll bring another bucket, which he does about 5 min. later. By now it’s 8:30. It’s been 90 MINUTES since we first ordered and we’re an hour into the movie. And it’s just popcorn! It’s not like we ordered something fancy like a hamburger.

A few minutes later we get our bill. Dude charged us for 2 popcorns even though we ordered one. I don’t care that I ate the 2nd one like it was going out of style, we only ordered 1! I tell CJ not to pay it. Dude comes by and checks for our credit card then leaves. Comes by again. He did this about every 5 minutes. Finally when the movie was over, he asked us for it at which point I told him, in so many words, that there was no way in hell I was paying for 2 popcorns when I only ordered 1 and it took and hour and a half for them to get it right! He mumbled something about talking to his manager and sheepishly slinked off. He came back with a new bill with just one popcorn on it. We paid and left.

Maybe we caught them on a bad night. Maybe we were being smited by Odin. Whatever the case may be, it was a bad experience and I won’t go back. I mean, how hard is it to get popcorn right AT A MOVIE THEATRE!!! The other aspect I didn’t like was that you could see the heads of the waiters/waitresses as they walked by and hear dishes clanking. No thanks.

Other than that, the evening was magical, particulary the part where I got to eat my whole dinner by myself without having to share a bite with anyone, or have anyone throw it at me. Although I did give CJ a bite of my burger as a test to see if he could tell the diff between a hamburger and a turkey burger. He could. He totally nailed it.

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Weekend Wrap-Up

It still feels like it’s the weekend since I worked from home today. Even though I actually did work, since I’m wearing comfie clothes and sitting in the basement, it doesn’t feel like work. Here’s what went down with the Traders this weekend.

Saturday was fun because CJ and I went to a movie! Yeah, like an actual date! We were giddy with excitement. First we took Munchkin over to play with her boyfriend Owen. They were born 5 days apart (though they shared a due date) and naturally will grow up as best friends and eventually marry. What?

Since I’m trying to be all frugal and stuff, we went to an early movie because those are much cheaper. Or at least, that was the plan. I thought the movie was at 11:10 am but when we got there, the only 11 am movie was the 3D one, which was expensive even for an early show. So we got tickets for the noon show, which was regular matinée price. We were slightly bummed but what do you do? We headed in and upon seeing the concessions I was immediately starved. One of everything thank you very much! But, that would have cost us 1 gazillion dollars. Instead, we headed back out to McDonald’s since we had about 40 minutes before the movie started and got lunch for both of us for the same cost as one order of hot dogs would have cost in the theatre. Take that AMC!

We did buy some popcorn and a pop (which we shared) and then headed in to get our seats. We saw Tron: Legacy and it was really good. Here we are at the theatre. Yes, we’re geeks. No, we don’t have matching glasses.

We headed back to pick up Munchkin and found that she had learned to play the piano!

Well, sort of. Anyway, she had a great time and we headed home to settle in for the night. That was about it for Saturday.

Sunday the snow started. And it pretty much hasn’t stopped. Because of the weather, we decided to hunker down and spend the day at home. CJ slept in (I wish I knew what that was like) so Munchkin, Samson and I ate breakfast and then started playing.

At one point I had to, ehem, use the bathroom. I made sure all the rooms were closed off so that Munchkin couldn’t wander away and then went in to the bathroom, leaving the door open so I could see and hear stuff (all I could see was the hallway right outside the door). Right after I sat down, I see Samson walk by the door toward the end of the hallway and I hear him lay down (he usally does that with a big sigh or grunt).  Pretty soon Isabella goes streaking by, headed in the same direction as the dog. I hear some noises including evil laughter and shrieks, then I see a lone woobie go rolling by the door. Reminded me of a western or something when you hear a scuffle off camera and then all you see is a cowboy hat rolling in front of the screen. Then, here comes Samson running back the other way, followed by Isabella chasing after him. I hear more scuffles in the living room and then Samson comes to the door carrying a deflated volleyball. I was hoping I wouldn’t find my child in an equally deflated state in the living room and alas, everything was fine but it was touch and go there for a minute.

Munchkin was pretty crabby all day. I think she was teething. She was also very clingy. I couldn’t go anywhere without her running after me and grabbing onto my leg, wanting to be picked up. I’m sometimes torn because I don’t want her to need holding all the time, but I also believe you can’t give them too much love. So, I did just that.

We played in the basement for a while (where CJ was working on volleyball stuff most of the day), and she had fun running around.

I love that she only has one Elmo slipper on. She’s gangsta like that, yo. That’s how this toddler rolls!

Samson was less than thrilled.

After spending the whole day inside with a crabby, clingy toddler, I needed a break so CJ was gracious enough to let me shovel the driveway and sidewalks. He’s sweet isn’t he? Actually, I asked to do it. I wanted something a little physical and get outside for a bit. It was very peaceful and quiet.

Here is what it looked like when I went out to shovel, around 4pm.

I felt better when I came in and made some dinner. Then Isabella and I played with some hats, as well as a game of pick-a-boo.

By the time she went to bed, I was pooped. Normally when I’ve been home with her all day by myself it’s been great. This was my first taste of a less than stellar day and now I can be more sympathetic when CJ has those days. I used to think he was just being whiny. Now I get it. It was nice to snuggle up on the couch, under my Steelers blanket, and hang with my friends on Wisteria Lane.

Like I said earlier, today was a snow day. Here is how it looked around 7:30am:

It has been nonstop all day so the accumulation right now is about double what you see in these pictures. Crazy, yet cozy. We’re planning to take Isabella out in her snow suit for playtime. I’ll definitely be taking pictures if we do!!

Stay warm and safe!

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Good Will Hunting

On Saturday CJ and I went out for a date only it was in the morning instead of at night. That’s how I know my life has truly changed. We went in the morning to take advantage of the cheap ticket prices at the theatre. And that’s how I know I’m getting old.


We saw “Life as We Know It” (which I would totally recommend to everyone, especially parents). The basic premise of the movie is that a couple states in their will that if they should both die at the same time, custody of their 1-year-old daughter would go to their best friends, who are both single and can’t stand each other. Makes total sense right? It really was a good movie though. We laughed. We cried. We ate lots of popcorn until we busted a gut.

I came away from this movie with 1 very valuable lesson: CJ and I need a will. I’ve been saying this ever since Munchkin was born but we have yet to do anything about it. It’s one of those things that is easy to shove to the side. We did get Life Insurance so I guess we’ve done something. But now we need a will.

That then begs the question of who would we pick to watch Munchkin if we both die in a tragic accident. There are the family options and the friend options. Both have their pros and cons. CJ thinks we should pick 2 single friends that we want to ‘set up’ and name them as guardians. He has a cruel sense of humor that way.

We still haven’t decided but we’ve made it a goal of something to get done this month. Good timing considering this is the month where we celebrate the (un)dead.