From the Mouths of Babes–A Conversation

I put Isabella down to bed tonight and about 45 minutes later I hear her at the top of the stairs. I run to go check on her. The following is the conversation we had when I got upstairs.

  • ME: What are you doing sweetheart?
  • ISABELLA: I want to tell you that I’m not going to sleep tomorrow night.
  • ME: You’re not going to sleep tomorrow night?
  • I: No I’m not.
  • ME: Well ok. I guess you better get good sleep tonight then!
  • [Isabella runs down the hall to her room]
  • I: I was looking EVERYWHERE for you mommy!
  • ME: I was downstairs sweetheart.
  • I: What were you doing?
  • ME: Painting my toenails and watching TV. Remember how you helped me pick out some pretty pink nail polish? Now I’m putting it on.
  • I: Can I see?
  • ME: I don’t have the color on yet. You can see tomorrow.
  • I: Tomorrow I will look and there will be pink all over!
  • ME: Yes, something like that…but you have to go to sleep first. And if you go to sleep right away, I’ll make a special surprise for breakfast.
  • I: [gasps] What is it?
  • ME: You’ll find out in the morning.
  • I: But what’s the surprise?
  • ME: I’ll make you cinnamon biscuits.
  • I: [gasps again and whispers] Cinnamon biscuits!
  • ME: But you have to go to sleep right now!
  • I: I want to kiss your nose first!
  • ME: Ok [leans down toward her. She grabs the side of my face and pulls me close, kissing my nose]

Some of you may think I’m taking poetic license when I type up her sayings – you know, filling in all the prepositions and other words to make a complete sentence.

I don’t.

I type it exactly how she says it. She really does talk that way.


Better go make sure I have everything I need for cinnamon biscuits!

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From the Mouths of Babes–Bedtime edition

Isabella says the funniest things at night when she’s talking herself to sleep. Tonight it was,

“Spiderman is a superhero. He is red and blue. That matches. Ironman wears a mask made out of iron. Spiderman wears a mask made of spiders. Batman has a mask like a bat. Robin’s mask looks like a robin. Wolverine wears a mask that looks like a wolver.”


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