TT Thursday!

Today is Thursday which means it’s volleyball night! Woo-hoo!

I think Thursday has become my new favorite day of the week simply because of volleyball. My woman’s team is so much fun (we’ve all been playing together for several years) and not only do we have fun while we play, but we play well together.

Our team has cycled through many gals over the years. I am the only person who has been on Team Trader for its full 7 years (I’m the captain and the setter). Here’s the rest of the team (in order of longetivity):

  • Sybille (she’s the other setter) and I were introduced through a mutual friend.
  • Courtney, who is Sybille’s sister (outside hitter). Turns out Courtney and I went to the same high school at the same time, just a year apart in age! Small world!
  • Katie, outside hitter. Katie is sitting this session out because she’s preggo with her first baby!
  • Cindy F, outside hitter, who I met on a co-ed team and recruited. She’s been an on and off team member, subbing some years and playing full-time other years.
  • Cindy B., who Courtney brought in (middle hitter) just had her first baby last year!
  • Sara K. who I also met on a co-ed team and recruited (outside hitter).

Some honorable mentions –

  • Marianne (outside/middle hitter) who moved to Denver this year and can no longer play with us
  • Andrea (outside hitter) who is taking night classes now but will probably be back next session.

We all got together through various connections and have hit it off instantly.

Here are some pics of us over the years!

TT at Cindy B.'s wedding. 3/2009 Back: Courtney, Katie, Me, Marianne. Front: Andrea, Cindy B., Sybille

Team Trader Baby Shower! 9/2009 Sara, Katie, Cindy B. (6 mos. preggo - which you can't even tell!), Me (9 mos preggo - you can definitely tell!), Courtney, Sybille, Andrea, and Marianne.


TT Halloween! 10/2009 Andrea (figure skater), Katie (1950's housewife), Me (new mom), Marianne (Dexter victim), Courtney (70's diva), and Sybille (Thing 2)


TT at Marianne's wedding (doing our best vb poses). 6/2010 Sybille, Me, Marianne, Cindy F., Sara

Here are some fun facts:

  • I was the first on the team to get married (11/06). Every 6 months after that, another TT member got married until all of us were hitched (up to Sara who joined us after the marriage craze had ended)
  • We’re starting the baby craze now! I was the first to be preggers (hey, I’m the captain – I have to set the trends!), then Cindy and now Katie. We’re taking bets on who will be next!
  • On our current team, we have 2 Sara(h)s, 2 Cindy’s and 2 sisters. We line up on the court as Sister, Sister, Cindy, Sarah, Cindy, Sara. LOL
  • Marianne is my hubbie’s lawyer
  • I work at the same company as Katie and Andrea’s hubbies.
  • Sybille, Courtney and I all went to the same high school (Marian)
  • Katie and Courtney are both married to Chris’

I love my Team Trader girls and I love playing with them. Even when we lose games, we still have fun and ultimately that’s what matters.

Can’t wait to see them all tonight!!

Lost the battle but not the war

My Team Trader volleyball team is tied for 1st place this season. It’s very exciting! Last night was the big match-up – the 2 top teams playing each other. I was looking forward to it all week – the challenge and the competition – and was certain we’d give ’em a run for their money.

Well, they stomped on us.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that bad. We weren’t beaten bloody but we did have a few scratches.

Let me preface by saying that this rival team is pretty stacked. All 6 girls are over 6′ tall. Yes, that would be expected if this were a pro team or even college, but in a somewhat recreational league, it’s not usually that way. So we were at a height disadvantage right off the bat (our tallest girl is 5′ 10″ and the rest of us are about 5′ 8″ or so).

Also, we were missing 2 of our regular girls and had subs, which changes up the dynamics a bit.

All that being said, we still could have beat them if we had tried harder but we all seemed to give up. You could tell many of the girls were thinking “why bother?” when the amazon women would hit the ball straight down on our 10 foot line.

Maybe we should have taken ’em out at the knees….

But, we’re Team Trader and we don’t give up! Even though we lost all 3 games, we did give them a run for their money. There were a few times in the game when we were actually winning but we couldn’t hold on to it long enough to win the whole game.

We didn’t do so hot last night but we still have many more weeks to play and we will come back.  Don’t count us out just yet!

1-2-3- TEAM TRADER!!