Sponsor Team Trader

Team Trader is looking for sponsors and it could be YOU!

Many sports teams have sponsors that pay their membership dues for them and in return, the team wears promotional gear and if it’s a bar/restaurant, eats there after games. Well Team Trader is interested in having a sponsor. Here’s the deal:

Your company will…

  • Pay our team dues for the spring ($306)
  • Buy us team t-shirts that have your logo on them (optional)

We will…

  • Wear the team t-shirt with your logo on it (if applicable)
  • Advertise for your company on this blog (see image in sidebar)
  • Dine at your restaurant/bar after at least 2 games (if applicable)

It really is pretty easy. If you’re interested, contact me at teamtradermom@gmail.com or post a comment to this blog with your contact info.


Team Trader Thursday – The Pics

Well guess what – volleyball was canceled tonight! Boo!! Hiss!! Turns out the courts were double booked or something like that. Whatevs, talk to the hand. But it worked out because that gave us gals more time to chat, eat and drink at Granite City!

The dinner was actually kind of poetic in a way and ended up mirroring our season. We started out with 11 people who were going to come and then throughout the day, one by one, they dropped like flies. We went from 11 to 8 to 6 to 4. Yes, that’s right, there were only 4 of us die-hard Traderettes that ended up at the “last-night-of-volleyball-celebration-dinner”. We had lots of fun though – and the pics to prove it!

So here is the first one – don’t we look all cute?

Courtney, Sara, me and Cindy F.

Now the second one was supposed to be a silly one of us each striking a different volleyball pose – you know, one person setting, one hitting, one passing, etc. Well as I was trying to explain this to the girls, the waitress decided to keep taking pictures!

So we have this one…

Court and Sara look good, and Cindy would too if she wasn’t blurry. I however look like I am pleading with the girls to indulge me and do a silly volleyball pose. “Please? Come on, it’ll be fun! It’s a Team Trader tradition!”

And then there’s this one:

“Look, I’ll show for you how this concept will work. See how I’m pretending to set? Now won’t you guys try it? What? You won’t? Well too bad! I’m the captain and I say we’re gonna do it dammit! Drop and give me 15!!!”

I think the other girls were just laughing that the waitress was out of control at this point, as if her fingers were moving independently from her body and continuing to take pictures.

And finally we get this one:

See, isn’t that cute? It was worth all that we had to endure to get there, never mind that I had to break out the threats.

So that’s it. Volleyball ended on a down note in the sense that we didn’t get to play. But at least we still got to hang out. And in 3 weeks, we’ll be back on the court, ready to dominate!

P.S. No, I’m not wearing Green Bay Packers colors on purpose. We all have Team Trader t-shirts that we were planning to wear tonight. I didn’t want to have to rush and change my whole outfit when we got to the gym so I wore my TT shirt underneath my sweater all day at work. I thought the yellow and green worked but apparently it just made me look like an overzealous cheesehead. Should have worn black over it. At least then I would have been an overzealous Steeler, which I am.

Team Trader Thursday

Tonight is the last night of women’s volleyball for the Fall 2010 session (tear). But the good news is that we’ll be back and playing again in just a few short weeks, when the 2011 session starts.

Team Trader decided to do it right and send this session out with a bang. We’re all meeting up for dinner/drinks beforehand and then going to play. And you know what? The gym we’re playing at allows alcohol to be brought in. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! This could be an interesting night…

This has actually been an interesting season. Here’s a recap of some of the oddities that have plagued Team Trader over these last 4 months:

  1. We lost Marianne right off the bat because she moved to Denver. So we started off with a team of 7 that included: Sara, Courtney, Sybille, Cindy B., Cindy F., Katie, and me.
  2. Before the first game even commenced, we found out that Katie couldn’t play. She is pregnant, which we knew, but thought she’d be able to play for a little while longer. No dice. So now we’re down to 6.
  3. Courtney had to travel for the first 4 weeks. Now we’re down to 5 and had to find a sub each one of those weeks.
  4. She got back and Sybille got sick. At first it seemed to be a cold or something. Eventually it led to surgery and having her spleen removed. 
  5. At this point I had to get more permanent players so Mandy and Megan were added. They decided to alternate early and late nights so when we played at 6:30, Mandy would come. When it was at 8:15, Megan would play.
  6. On the early  nights, we only had one setter (yours truly) so we started running a 5-1 offense. I haven’t been the setter on a 5-1 in  years so it was scary and exciting at the same time. And what a workout! But it was really fun and I hope to do more of it next session, or perhaps even a 6-2.
  7. One night Mandy brought her kids and they made signs that said “Go Team Trader!” It was super cute and awesome to have a cheering section!

Hopefully that’s the end of the craziness and we can stabilize this next session. Sybille will be back and Megan is staying on as our 7th player (those of you who play regularly will know that it’s always a good idea to have a built-in sub on the roster). It’s sad to wind down one session but then again, a break is nice too.

I will take pics tonight and post them tomorrow. Cheers to the women of Team Trader!

Team Trader Thursday!

I am seriously jonesing for volleyball. I need my fix man!

Team Trader hasn’t played in 3 weeks. We had a bye last week and the week before they canceled it so another league could use our gym. This means a couple of things for tonight’s games:

  1. Most of us will be rusty. Back in the day I played vb 2-3 times a week, which of course helps keeps the skills sharp. But, with a child now, I can only commit to one night a week. Most of the other girls only play once a week as well. Sooo….not playing at all for 2 weeks means our mad skillz will take a big of a nosedive tonight. But, it won’t take us long to get back in to it! We’re rock stars after all!
  2. We will all be sore tomorrow. 2 hours of running, jumping, rolling, diving, squatting, raising/lowering your arms, and hitting the ball will do that to a person.
  3. We have a lot to catch up on so there will be much chatter on the court.
  4. We will have a blast!

I’ve still got this pesky virus that’s going around and taking my family down one by one. But I’m getting better each day. Because of being sick, I haven’t worked out AT ALL in over 3 weeks. That’s like, unheard of for me. So I will be extra sore and tired tomorrow. It’s worth it though.

Go Team Trader!!

Amazing Success!

Yesterday was the first annual Heartland IIBA Conference – and it was a HUGE success. I am so happy with how everything turned out. It was a long day, got there at 6:45am and got home at 5:30pm, but so worth it. I am the President of this organization but can not take the credit for the event. We had a separate committee plan it and they did such a good job. It really sets the bar high for next year’s conference!

We had 5 speakers – which I helped to acquire so I will take some credit here 🙂 – and they were all phenomenal. We got so many comments on how great the presentations were. There was a lot of interaction from the audience too which shows how much they were getting in to it. All of the speakers commented that this was one of the best planned and executed conferences they’ve been to! This is saying a lot as most of them do this for a living and have been across the country speaking at these types of events.

There were over 100 attendees and the feedback was very positive. The facilities and food were great. The participation was awesome. The give-aways were a big hit. All in all, it went off without a hitch and was just perfect! Couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Being the Prez, I was the go-to person when there was something to be done that didn’t fit in a particular category. I was the emcee most of the day, directed people and traffic, acted as the “heavy” when speakers started to run over time, worked out some things with the vendors, took pictures, answered questions and more. I felt like a bride at a wedding getting pulled in several directions all at once! LOL I love being active and involved though.

The only down side to the day? I woke up with a cold. I was achy and a bit stuffed up when my alarm went off. Bollocks! But, I’m the president and I had to be there. So I took some Dayquil, a few Ibuprofen, grabbed an OJ and off I went. With all the adrenaline of the day, I felt pretty good for the most part. It wasn’t until late afternoon when things started winding down that it started to hit me again. By the time I got home I was really tired and just wanted to curl up in bed. BUT, instead, I had to play volleyball!

Playing volleyball while sick can go one of 2 ways – I can either play really crappy or I can play amazingly well because I’m extra focused. Last night, it went the way of the latter – I played awesome! Our team had so much fun and won 5 of our 6 games.

Now I’m so glad it’s Friday. Have a relatively low-key day at work and then CJ and I have a date night! We were supposed to go to a Halloween Party but with the craziness of the last few weeks, have had no time to get costumes ready so instead, we’re going to take advantage of having a sitter booked and go out! Munchkin is staying with my parents all night so we can hopefully get some much-needed sleep.

Have a great weekend!!

P.S. I was on the radio yesterday morning! Sort of…One of the stations here has a segment called “Top News” where they read the Facebook statuses that appear in their Top News feed. Apparently mine was yesterday! My status was regarding the conference and having a cold. I didn’t actually hear it but several of my friends did, which is totally cool!