1 year later

Every year our extended family drives about 45 minutes south of Omaha to Nebraska City to pick pumpkins, get some apple cider, visit Arbor Lodge and just enjoy the small town life. Last year when we went, I was 3 weeks in to being a new mom and dealing with a brand new life. I was also desperately trying to lose the baby weight.

Here’s what I looked like then:


NE City 2009 - at about 165lbs.


I was bigger and Isabella was smaller. Here’s what we look like today:


NE City 2010 - 138 lbs


I look better, I feel better and am all around more comfortable in my skin. Today’s trip was much more relaxing than last year’s because I am settled in to my life and love every minute of it.

Happy Fall!

2 thoughts on “1 year later

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