A Nice Fall Scene

Apparently Isabella is a nature lover. She wants to be outside all the time. She looks out the window and watches birds. When we play outside, she hugs the trees. Course, she also throws things at my flowers so who knows.

The other day, I was changing her diaper and she was staring at my arm. All of a sudden she said “leaves”. Um, what’s that sweetheart? I didn’t know if she wanted me to leave or had seen leaves somewhere or got in to CJ’s sage.

She said it again, “Leaves on there mommy.”

Leaves where Munchkin?

“Right there!!” and she pointed to my arm. That’s when it hit me: she thought the freckles on my arms were leaves. And then she said this:

“Mommy has leaves and grass on her arm.”

That’s right, she equates my arm hair to grass.

I guess I am Mother Earth. At least in her eyes.

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