Good Will Hunting

On Saturday CJ and I went out for a date only it was in the morning instead of at night. That’s how I know my life has truly changed. We went in the morning to take advantage of the cheap ticket prices at the theatre. And that’s how I know I’m getting old.


We saw “Life as We Know It” (which I would totally recommend to everyone, especially parents). The basic premise of the movie is that a couple states in their will that if they should both die at the same time, custody of their 1-year-old daughter would go to their best friends, who are both single and can’t stand each other. Makes total sense right? It really was a good movie though. We laughed. We cried. We ate lots of popcorn until we busted a gut.

I came away from this movie with 1 very valuable lesson: CJ and I need a will. I’ve been saying this ever since Munchkin was born but we have yet to do anything about it. It’s one of those things that is easy to shove to the side. We did get Life Insurance so I guess we’ve done something. But now we need a will.

That then begs the question of who would we pick to watch Munchkin if we both die in a tragic accident. There are the family options and the friend options. Both have their pros and cons. CJ thinks we should pick 2 single friends that we want to ‘set up’ and name them as guardians. He has a cruel sense of humor that way.

We still haven’t decided but we’ve made it a goal of something to get done this month. Good timing considering this is the month where we celebrate the (un)dead.

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