I could get used to this

I took last Friday off of work so that CJ could work on painting our house. Which means I got to be with the Munchkin full-time for 3 days in a row! And let me tell you, it was awesome.

Friday we had a play date with a friend of mine whose baby is 5 days older than Munch. They had fun walking around and exploring. We took them to the park, which was Munchkin’s first real taste of sand and playground equipment. She was tentative at first but eventually got in to it and after a while, she was walking all over the place and playing running her fingers through the sand, etc. It was really cool to watch her get over a fear right before my eyes and then embrace it.

Playing in the sand

Saturday she and I ran a few errands and otherwise just hung around the house. Sunday was more of that, with a family dinner thrown in. She is really getting in to this whole walking thing now and literally does laps around the house (from the living room, through the dining room, to the kitchen, then down the hall to our bedroom, then Samson’s room, then her room, back down the hall and starts all over. No wonder she’s tired at the end of the day.

Here she is crawling over Samson to get to a volleyball. That's my girl!

I gave her a haircut Friday night (her 2nd one – she has a lot of hair!). I basically just trimmed up the back and her bangs. She has little pixie bangs now. And she looks so darn cute! Yeah so I’m biased but really, she is such a doll.

After her haircut, sucking on the comb.

All this time with her really makes me wish I didn’t have to work full-time. Being with her everyday or even every other day, would be such a gift. And I got so much done around the house too! Granted, not all days would be full of rainbows and sunshine like this weekend was, but it sure gave me a taste of the other side.

Looking out the window while cuddling with her monkey (and wearing her Steelers shirt!)

There are advantages to working too and the grass is always greener. I know that I’m where I need to be for now. But another 3 day weekend sure would be nice!

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