Kissy Face

Isabella is turning out to be such a loving little girl. It’s really very cute and sweet. And I absolutely LOVE her hugs and kisses. There’s nothing better than coming home and having her run up and give me a great big hug.

However, sometimes I think she takes this kissing thing a bit far.

Before I get in to that, let me share with you the evolution of her affection.

Like any baby, she started out just laying there and cuddling. Then she started doing “headbutts”. See, I would always kiss her on the forehead and she got in the habit of leaning forward and tipping her head toward me so that I could kiss it. One time when she did that, she butted her head in to my nose. I said something like, “Wow, good headbutt Munchkin!” and so she started doing it regularly. It got to the point where we’d say “headbutts!” and she’d lean in and butt us with her forehead. It was cute.

Head butts

We figured it would also come in handy when she started dating. What better way to keep a frisky boy at bay than to headbutt him?

“Hey Tommy, thanks for a great date! [head butt]” 

And we never heard from Tommy again…

The head butting thing started to go too far though as she got bigger because she would “butt” with more force. There were several occasions when she had us saying “ouch!” after her so-called acts of affection. One time I swear she broke my nose. So, we started teaching her actual hugs and kisses.

Kissing her hamster cow*

[That little green cow was actually mine as a baby. My aunt gave it to me when I was born. I’ve kept it all these years and now it’s Isabella’s. It’s well-worn and loved. CJ couldn’t tell what it was when I first busted it out of storage. He thought it was a hamster so now we call it the hamster cow.]

Now that Munchkin has the hugging and kissing thing down, she does it ALL the time and does not discriminate. She literally kisses just about anything that she likes. Here is a list of some of the things she has kissed:

  1. People (CJ, me, and her grandparents)
  2. Samson and Kate (my parent’s dog)
  3. her stuffed animals
  4. the pictures in her books
  5. characters on TV
  6. her pacifier
  7. her socks
  8. the Christmas tree
  9. her toast at breakfast
  10. her macaroni and cheese at dinner
  11. the shower curtain
  12. her bath water
  13. the oven

There are probably  more too that I just can’t remember. It’s funny when she does it but now I’m starting to wonder if that could be going too far. I’d rather have her headbutting guys than running around kissing everyone.

“Hey Tommy, thanks for the date! I love your new car [kiss the dashboard]! Sorry for spilling your popcorn earlier when I kissed it. Didn’t realize you were about to offer me some. Thanks for the flowers too – they are beautiful! [kisses flowers]. Well, I better go. See you at school on Monday! [kisses Tommy]”

Oh well. As the old saying goes, better to have a kissy child than a pissy child! And after all, you can’t spell “kiss” without ISabella!

*Photos taken by Heather Busselman, who did an awesome job with Munchkin’s 1 year pictures.

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