Wake Up!

For months now, Isabella has enjoyed this fun little game called “wake up!” It’s simple really. All you do is pretend to sleep (actually you don’t have to pretend – you can really be asleep) and she will run up and yell “WAKE UP!” in a really high pitched loud voice! She thinks it’s the funniest thing ever!

She also enjoys it in reverse. Only, when we yell “wake up” to her, we also tickle her. Double whammy!

Tonight we were playing that game on the bed and I grabbed my camera to take a pic of her after I yanked off a pillow and yelled “wake up!” When the flash went off she said “The sun’s inside mama”. I explained to her the whole concept of ‘flash’ on a camera and then she asked for more. “More flash mama!”

Here is the series of pics I took:





We both had so much fun!

By the way, just a few weeks ago she started switching between calling me “mommy” and “mama”. For some reason when she says mama it’s like so totally adorable and just melts my heart each time. She can pretty much have anything she wants when she says it.

“Oobie please mama?” Yes of course!

“Can I run with scissors mama?” Sure!

“Can I play with this knife mama?” Anything for you sweetie!

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