IKAT to the Rescue!

Isabella is a genius. Let’s just get that out there right now.

Ok, so I’m a little biased. After all, every parent thinks their kid is the cutest, smartest, sweetest one ever. But mine really is. ūüėČ

Munchkin has been talking for a while now. She started out like any other baby saying words like, “Mama”, “Dada”, “Baby” and “Dude”. Oh right, other babies don’t say ‘dude’.¬†Well she¬†did because that’s¬†my nickname for Samson.¬†She picked up on that right away! I tell ya, it’s funny to hear a one year old say “Dude!”

Anyway, once she started saying more words, they¬†just came rolling out. Now she pretty much says any word that we say which means we have to be really careful…sure, some of her regular words sound like swear words but we¬†don’t actually want¬†her saying real cuss words.¬†¬†

So back to the genius part. Not only does Isabella say a lot of stuff, she says it in different languages, or rather with different dialects. I think that’s her super power. We all have one right? Mine is being able to hear someone open a cookie jar or candy wrapper from anywhere within a 5 mile radius. We could call her IKAT (her initials) when she’s in disguise, on a mission to save an innocent person from another attack of poor language skills and bad accents.

Here are a few examples of her various talents:

She speaks Chinese and German pretty regularly (translation = gibberish). Neither of us can understand Chinese¬†so who knows, maybe she is¬†saying cuss words. That or she and Samson are planning to take over the house, which would mean Samson speaks Chinese too. Yeah, I doubt that. If he did, he would only know the words for “food”, “car”, “treat”, “walk”, and “Kong” because those are the only things he cares about in life.¬†So IKAT must be working alone.

Certain words she says with an Italian accent, like “Elmo” (AHL-moh) and “Ernie” (EH-nee).

“Andiamo¬†Ernie! Cerchiamo¬†di andare¬†a prendere¬†Elmo in modo da poter¬†salvare¬†il mondo dal malvagio¬†nemico¬†che sta cercando¬†di erradicat lingua dal mondo!”


“Come on Ernie! Let’s go get Elmo in order to¬†save the world from the evil enemy who is trying to erradicate language in the world!”

SHe says¬†one word¬†with a¬†French accemt¬†– “bib” (Beeb). When she says it, she wears a beret and turns her bib around so that it looks like a cape.

She knows one word in Russian – “Samson” (Se-am-sun). She just started referring to him by his full name the other day only she thinks his full name is Samson Dude. Makes it sound like he’s the John Wayne of the dog world.

And then there’s her American slang – “macaroni” (roni), “bananas” (nanas), “Yo Yo” (yo yo),¬† and “Droid” (d-r-o-i-d – said just like the Android phone). Seriously, she does this every time I get a text or email on my phone and the little “DROID” alert sounds.

Put it all together and you’ve got one smartie pants little Toddler!

Situating the hat


Consulting with Elmo (or should I say AHL-mo)


Here I come to save the day!


Capable of climbing the couch in a single bound!


Phew! Even Super Heroes get tired!

Hopefully she’ll use her genius for good and not evil. I’d hate to end up on Oprah someday¬†talking about how my sweet, innocent little girl tried to take over the world.

Hark! What’s that I hear? Someone just ripped open a Snickers bar! Gotta fly!!

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