Team Trader Thursday

Tonight is the last night of women’s volleyball for the Fall 2010 session (tear). But the good news is that we’ll be back and playing again in just a few short weeks, when the 2011 session starts.

Team Trader decided to do it right and send this session out with a bang. We’re all meeting up for dinner/drinks beforehand and then going to play. And you know what? The gym we’re playing at allows alcohol to be brought in. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! This could be an interesting night…

This has actually been an interesting season. Here’s a recap of some of the oddities that have plagued Team Trader over these last 4 months:

  1. We lost Marianne right off the bat because she moved to Denver. So we started off with a team of 7 that included: Sara, Courtney, Sybille, Cindy B., Cindy F., Katie, and me.
  2. Before the first game even commenced, we found out that Katie couldn’t play. She is pregnant, which we knew, but thought she’d be able to play for a little while longer. No dice. So now we’re down to 6.
  3. Courtney had to travel for the first 4 weeks. Now we’re down to 5 and had to find a sub each one of those weeks.
  4. She got back and Sybille got sick. At first it seemed to be a cold or something. Eventually it led to surgery and having her spleen removed. 
  5. At this point I had to get more permanent players so Mandy and Megan were added. They decided to alternate early and late nights so when we played at 6:30, Mandy would come. When it was at 8:15, Megan would play.
  6. On the early  nights, we only had one setter (yours truly) so we started running a 5-1 offense. I haven’t been the setter on a 5-1 in  years so it was scary and exciting at the same time. And what a workout! But it was really fun and I hope to do more of it next session, or perhaps even a 6-2.
  7. One night Mandy brought her kids and they made signs that said “Go Team Trader!” It was super cute and awesome to have a cheering section!

Hopefully that’s the end of the craziness and we can stabilize this next session. Sybille will be back and Megan is staying on as our 7th player (those of you who play regularly will know that it’s always a good idea to have a built-in sub on the roster). It’s sad to wind down one session but then again, a break is nice too.

I will take pics tonight and post them tomorrow. Cheers to the women of Team Trader!

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