Sponsor Team Trader

Team Trader is looking for sponsors and it could be YOU!

Many sports teams have sponsors that pay their membership dues for them and in return, the team wears promotional gear and if it’s a bar/restaurant, eats there after games. Well Team Trader is interested in having a sponsor. Here’s the deal:

Your company will…

  • Pay our team dues for the spring ($306)
  • Buy us team t-shirts that have your logo on them (optional)

We will…

  • Wear the team t-shirt with your logo on it (if applicable)
  • Advertise for your company on this blog (see image in sidebar)
  • Dine at your restaurant/bar after at least 2 games (if applicable)

It really is pretty easy. If you’re interested, contact me at teamtradermom@gmail.com or post a comment to this blog with your contact info.


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