You Capture: Cold

The You Capture theme for this week was “cold”. Gee, I’m not sure we’ve got enough of that around here…let’s just say the average high over the last week was like 15 degrees. Yeah, I’d say we had our fair share of cold!

Although, the concept of cold isn’t as easy to capture as one might think. I really wanted to get a pic of actual coldness, like that droplets of condensation on a glass of soda or someone’s breath as they’re standing in the frigid air but I didn’t really get the chance (nor do I have the right equipment to do it justice). So, I stuck with “cold” in my everyday life, because there was plenty of that!

cold ice_snow

This was the ice and snow on our deck Saturday morning as the sun was rising. I must have captured the “cold” of it because I’m getting a chill just looking at this pic!

Copyright TTM 2011

Samson loves to destroy things. So we give him designated things to destroy, which saves our shoes and pillows  from his jaws. Here, CJ stuffed treats and peanut butter inside an old plastic milk jug. Samson didn’t seem to mind the cold as he chewed on it though!

cold snowplay

Snow play! This was Isabella’s second time playing out in the snow and she seemed to be enjoying herself. Of course our goal was to keep her from getting cold but let’s face it, snow, by it’s very nature is in fact, cold! I don’t think she minded too much!

cold samson

Samson came out and played with us too. He definitely channeled his inner puppy as he ran round and round the yard, jumping and leaping through snow drifts!

cold cj_munch

“Ok, daddy, I’m ready to go inside now!” Actually, ironically enough, she was saying the word “cold” when I snapped this one. I got another one of her smiling but I actually  like this picture better because the look on her face is so darn cute!

That’s it for this week! Looking forward to next week’s assignment. I hope it’s something like “tropical” because then I’ll have an excuse to hop a plane and head to an island somewhere away from all this cold!!

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5 thoughts on “You Capture: Cold

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  2. The third photo is just adorable. I love the burst of color too, and what a cutie! By the way, I also like the swedish proverb that you share at the top of the page. Especially, chew more, lol, 🙂


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