You Capture: Body Parts

I think this has been my favorite You Capture assignment yet! I decided to try and capture 2 favorite body parts from each member of my family. It was really fun to do it and I think some of these photos are my best work yet!

One thing I paid special attention to this week was lighting. I read a post on about finding the right light for shooting pics and I really tried to keep that in mind when composing each shot. Consequently, many of them turned out just right  in their raw form and I didn’t need to do any editing other than adding the watermark. Gotta love that!

Here we go!

First up – Samson. Two of my favorite Samson parts are his “lion” eyes and his big paws. I also love his soft fuzzy face but it doesn’t translate as well on film as it does when you’re snuggling up to it!

bodyparts eyes

bodyparts paw

Wanna know something? Samson hates having his paws touched. I like to rub them and he always jerks away. Big baby.

Next – Isabella. Of course I love everything about her but this week I captured her face (particularly her big eyes and pouty little mouth) and wild hair! Poor thing inherited my hair – fine and thin. So no matter how many times we brush or comb it, her hair goes wild and does what it wants. I hope for her sake that it thickens up as it grows longer and she gets older. Mine became more manageable right about the time I graduated from college…

bodyparts face

bodyparts hair

Her hair was doing some weird Alfalfa thing on Saturday. She woke up with this one piece sticking straight up and nothing I did would tame it. Made for a fun picture!

Finally – CJ. I have always been attracted to men with muscular arms/shoulders/chest because it makes them seem strong. I guess no matter how tough I try to be, that base part of me still needs to feel protected by my guy. CJ is certainly strong (both physically and mentally) and I’ve always loved his arms. I also love how our hands look when they’re intertwined. I remember when we were dating and I glanced down one time as we were holding hands and couldn’t tell which one was his and which one was mine. I knew then it was meant to be. Can you tell whose hand is whose?

bodyparts hands


bodyparts arm

Don’t you just want to go squeeze his arm? Well I do (and did)! And he’s not even fully flexed in this pic! Be still my heart…what can I say, my honey’s still got it! 

So there you go! I hope you had as much fun looking at these pictures as I did shooting them. I’m excited to get started on next week and continue playing with light. I had forgotten how important it is and what a difference it can make!

To check out more You Capture photos, go visit Beth!

you capture logo


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11 thoughts on “You Capture: Body Parts

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  2. I love your dog photos! I was going to try to capture Stewie, my Bichon, but the lighting was always horrible when I was thinking about it. Great job this week! It is clear you had fun!


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