Ghostly Grass

So I think our house is haunted.

Yes I totally believe in that stuff. I’ve never really bought in to the concept that when we die, that’s it, end of story, finito. I’ve always believed that our spirits live on. I don’t know if it’s in heaven or the afterlife or what, but they go somewhere.

And sometimes they like to come back and visit.

Here’s what happened Friday night. Isabella woke up around 2 a.m. crying. I went in to check on her and she asked for juice. I picked her up and we headed down the hall to the kitchen. I got her sippie cup out of the fridge and handed it to her. With gusto, she grabed the juice and was in process of lifting it to her mouth when she stoped in mid-air and started staring at the microwave. I urged her to drink her juice and then she whiped her head around and was looking in to the dining room.

Then she said, “Someone over there.” 

Cue goosebumps up my arm. I looked in to the dining room and didn’t see anyone. I now strongly encouraged her to drink her juice and she says it again, “Someone over there.”

At this point I make a hasty retreat to her room and close the door. I again ask her to drink some juice but she has lost interest so I rock her for a bit and put her to bed.

As I’m leaving her room, I look down the hall and wonder “who” is there. It could be CJ’s mom who passed away in 2009 or my grandma who died last year. Or it could be some random spirit popping by for a visit.  So I say in a whisper, “Dorothy or Ma, if that’s you, thanks for visiting and watching over Isabella. If it’s someone else, please leave.”

Then I ran back to our room and jumped in to bed next to my strong husband with the big biceps. As if having muscle is going to make a difference to a ghost. It’s not like he can beat them up or anything. But it made me feel better.

I told him about it the next morning. CJ was like, “Oh yeah, there are definitely spirits here. I hear noises all the time when I’m up at night.”

Um, WHAT?!?!?

Apparently he’s heard doors opening/closing when we’re all in bed. He’s heard door handles rattling. He even felt someone brush his ear as we were sitting there talking.

Ok, whatever spirit you are that’s touching my husband, you better back off sista!

Anyway, he decides that our house needs to be smudged to remove the spirits. We decide to do it later in the day, when Isabella was gone. So we go about our day doing work around the house and I forget about the incident.

It was a busy day and by the end, I was exhausted. I fell in to bed and was down for the count.

Until about 1:30 a.m.

I woke up to an interesting smell. My sleepy and tired mind thought it was pot. I seriously woke up and was like, “Who is smoking pot in my house?” Then I opened my eyes and saw CJ walking around the room with a burning bundle of sage telling the spirits to get out of our house.

I thought I was dreaming. I blinked my eyes a couple of times and stared. Yep, it was for real. I found out later that he had gone down to the garage and while he was in there heard our trash cans falling over. It was very distinctive and unmistakable. At first he didn’t think much of it, as it was a windy night. Then he remembered that all the cans were all loaded down with lots of trash from our day of work and definitely too heavy for the wind to knock over. So he went and looked and they were all upright just fine.

It was at that moment that he decided some pot sage was in order. It just so happens that we had some because we used it to cleanse the house when we first moved in. Guess it didn’t take. Or it’s something you have to do repeatedly, like the dentist (ahem, Cheri). At any rate, it’s now been done so we are spirit free. I think. I hope.

Unless the spirits like sage. Maybe they were hanging around looking for a good high and now we’ve just given it to them. That would be my luck too.

If I see an empty bag of Cheetos on the floor when I wake up in the morning I’ll know for sure.

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4 thoughts on “Ghostly Grass

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  4. So first, I am sitting here reading your blog still numb from the (ahem) dentist! Second, I grew up with a ghost in our farmhouse and she was completely harmless. I truly believe she just wanted us to acknowledge her every once in awhile…so I did! We are fairly certain that our ghost was a young teenage girl that once lived in the house and died suddenly and unexpectedly. While cleaning out the attic, we found a teenage girl’s clothes and schoolbooks along with her obituary and sympathy cards so it is a pretty safe bet that she was our ghost.

    I am not at all surprised that Isabella sees the ghost (or ghosts) in your home. They say that young children can see spirits much better than older children and adults.

    I am a believer and think it is really cool!


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