Don’t Have it Your Way

Yesterday was a long day. I worked a full 8 hours and then had a board meeting for a professional organization. By the time I left the office, it was about quarter to 7. I hit the road and headed out to pick up Munchkin from my parent’s house (CJ was at volleyball). On the way, I decided to swing by Burger King for a quick dinner. I debated stopping there since I’m trying to be healthy but in the end decided it was better to do fast food now, then wait to eat  until I got home and put Isabella to bed. By then it would be almost 8:00 and I’d surely inhale every.single.thing in the house.

This BK has 2 drive-thru lines. One of them had a car in it already so I went to the other one. Then a third car pulled in behind the first guy. BK finished taking his order, then took the order for the car behind him, even though I was there first! *grumble* Finally they got to me and I ordered a kid’s meal – chicken nuggets, apples and white milk. Figured that was a good choice – smaller portions, cheaper, healthier sides and you get a toy!

I got to the window, gave him my money, got my food and left. As I got to the first stoplight, I reached in the bag and to my surprise found french fries, not apples! I specifically ordered apples because I didn’t want to be tempted by the fries! *GRUMBLE*

Now I was left with a choice – do I turn around and go back to get my apples or just deal with the fries? I was already short on time so I kept going, figuring I could just not eat the fries.

HA HA HA! I just reread that sentence. Have fries at my fingertips and not eat them? I mean, come on, have you met me?  Besides, it’s not like I didn’t try to be good. I ordered the apples and milk. It’s not my fault they screwed up the order. Perhaps this was the universe’s way of saying, “Hey Sarah, give yourself a break…eat some fries…it won’t kill you.”

Why thank you universe – I think I will!

I do have to give myself props. I ate the nuggets first and then had a few,er, some, uh half of the fries. But not all of them. And I drank all my milk. Go me!

Isabella saved the night though. We always play a game during our drive home from grandma and grandpa’s. I give her a word and ask her to sing a song about it. Here is what she came up with last night.

“Dooooog, dog, dog, dooog. DOOOOOOGGGGG, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog, dog. Doggie, dog, dog, doggie, dog. Elmo!”

Didn’t see that ending coming did ya? What can I say, she has a gift.

Then she sang this one:

“Moon, moon, moon, moooooooooon. Moonie, moonie, Muno. Sun, sun, sun!”

Which must be the sequel to last week’s song:

“Moon, moon, moooooon. Moon, moon, sky….BRIGHT sky! Sky, sky, sky, suuuuuuun!!!”

I see a record contract in her future…

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