Officially Official…and other stuff

Our house is officially on the market! Phew! I’m exhausted from all the work we’ve done to the house but it’s not over yet. We still  have a “to do” list of small items that need to be checked off. Then we have to continue our search to find a new house for us. And once that is done – we actually have to move ! Eek!

I’m tired just thinking about it…or maybe I’m tired from this darn summer cold I still have. We’ve now entered phase 2. Phase 1 was a constant sore throat and aches. Phase 2 is a REALLY stuffy nose.  I feel like someone inflated balloons up in my sinuses. I just hope there’s no phase 3!

I started P90X today! Well, I actually started it 2 weeks ago but with all of life’s craziness and getting sick, I only got 2 days under my belt. So I’m starting over today.  I’m not following the P90X diet plan. I don’t have the book and trying to find info online is confusing. I’ve gleaned that there are several phases and the first one is high protein, low carbs, so I’m trying to do that. I will allow myself to eat some carbs, just pushing to get a little more protein in, to build up the muscle.   Don’t worry, I won’t write a daily entry on it like I did with the Shred. That would be come a really long post after 90 days and you would get sick of it. But I will provide periodic updates as I progress. And I might whine a little too… Winking smile I can already feel the soreness setting in from this morning!

Mother’s Day was nice. Pretty laid back as we had to do work on the house. At one point, I was in the kitchen scrubbing cabinet doors and looked up to see CJ reading the paper while drinking his coffee, Isabella playing with her toys and Samson staring at me wanting food. Now, what’s wrong with that picture?

But we did have a nice afternoon at the museum and then dinner with the extended family. Isabella was crabby at times but all in all, a day with the family is a good day indeed! And the best part – I got a gift certificate for a 90 minute massage which I will be more than happy to use!

mom day

At the museum. Isabella was a little tired here from running around so much!


Me, my mom and my sister. 2 of the best moms I know!

Believe it or not, I’m actually going to take the night off from house work. I plan to repaint my toenails and watch Dancing with the Stars. Go Hines!!


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