Random Thought Friday

1. Isabella has turned the corner from being a distraction when I’m trying to get things done to being my helper. Instead of the constant “hold me! hold me!” pleas I used to get (OK, sometimes still do), I can now give her a task and let her do it.

For example, when making dinner the other night, I told her to play dress up as that would really help mommy out.

Like, really.

So she did!


First she put on a pair of slippers.

Then she added the crowning touch.


OK 3 crowns.

Believe it or not, this kept her busy for the 15 minutes I needed to throw some ingredients together.

I also discovered a trick to both tiring her out AND getting help at the store: make her push the cart. She thinks this is so much fun. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s getting lots of exercise walking around Target multiple times and it helps me keep track of her since she’s right there in front of me.


No worries, she manages to have plenty of fun too.

Like finding beautiful bags to hold.


And hugging pillows.


2. Over dinner, I asked Isabella today if she went outside to play in the snow. She said, “Not probably. It’s not impossible.”

Not sure if that means she did or didn’t. We have a little Riddler on our hands folks!

3. Speaking of The Riddler, CJ has a multitude of comic book posters in the basement. They used to hang in his man cave at the old house. In the new house, they’re just leaning against the wall, waiting for a home. Isabella saw one the other day that had every single Marvel character imaginable on it.


She was naming some of the more obvious character like Spiderman, Captain America, Hulk, etc. She impressed me when she could pinpoint Wolverine, The Thing and Thor. Then she blew me away when I pointed to this guy and said, “I bet you don’t know who that is!”


I mean, I don’t even know who that is.

Without hesitating she replied, “That’s Juggernaut Mommy!”

*jaw dropping*

I checked with CJ and she’s right. Little Smarty Pants.

Tomorrow I plan to set her down to do our taxes.

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