By now you probably know how competitive I am. I hate to lose. But more than that, I hate the thought that I might not be as good as someone else.

I know, it’s silly. No one person can be perfect at everything. We all have our strengths. Blah blah whatever.

Ever since putting our house on the market, I’ve been doubting my interior decorating skills. I thought that our house looked pretty good and was well decorated. Then our realtors came in and changed everything. Most of that was less about me and more about what would sell. Ok I get that and was able to not feel bad about changing things up.

But then the open houses started. Before each one, I would meticulously go around the house and make sure everything was in its place. I was just sure the realtors would love it. Yet every time when we come back after it was all done, they’d moved many items around. Don’t get me wrong – everything they move makes total sense. I look at it and think, “Well duh. That looks so much better.” Then get mad at myself for not thinking about it first.

Now it’s become a competition. With every open house, I implement what was changed the last time and adjust a few other things. And each time come back to find more adjustments. It’s getting less and less though. Yesterday, there were only a few things moved, so I’m getting better! My goal is to one day have an open house where they change nothing!

I’m actually learning a lot, like the fine art of grouping objects in just the right way. By the time this is all done, I will be a pro!

Welp, gotta run. The tornado sirens are going off and a storm is a comin’! Time to get everything buttoned up, grab the alcohol family , and head downstairs!

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