Trader Family Road Trip–Day 4 (cont.)–Doo it!

I already told you about much of what happened on our 4th day. The rest I’ll talk about now!

The major part of the day was going to the sand dunes. It had been planned for a while and we really didn’t know what to expect. Would it be really bumpy and loud? Would Isabella be safe on it?

We got to Mac Wood’s Dune Rides and saw a line up of “Big Mac” trucks waiting to take people out. Apparently this is a big thing to do!


When it was our turn everyone eagerly piled in to one of the trucks. We had a big group and took up the whole truck on our own. CJ, Munchkin and I took the front seat, next to the driver, because we figured it would be the least bumpy and scary for Isabella. We all strapped in and were off!

Our driver was super great. Really nice, funny and most importantly a good driver! He took us out over hills and dunes and around sandy curves. The scenery was just beautiful.


(that’s Lake Michigan in the background)

He went just fast enough so that the curves felt a little shaky and the hills gave you that stomach-drop feeling when you went over them, but not so fast that it was out of control. I felt safe the whole time. Our driver would stop at various points to tell us some history and show us scenic spots. The sun was beating down too so it was hot.

Isabella was ok at first. She was a bit shaken by the loud truck and some of the hills but seemed relatively at ease so long as she had her woobie and was safe in the arms of mom or dad.


When we got up to Lake Michigan they let us get out and take pics.

Here’s our whole group, in the truck:


(That’s us in the front seat and CJ’s 86 year old dad is there in the 2nd to last row, in front of the bars. He surprises me by all that he does!)

Me and my hubby.


And with Isabella.


And the whole Trader side of the family.


(That’s our niece Kristin (the grad that we were all celebrating), Isabella, CJ’s sis Shellee, Dad Fred, CJ, Me and Shellee’s husband Chuck)

They also had a big chair there set up as a picture spot. It was totally touristy. So of course I was all over it!


The whole ride took about 45 minutes. Toward the end Isabella got more scared and the only way she felt safe was to snuggle up under daddy’s chin and hold his hand.


She looks so small and fragile! She was such a trooper though and I was very proud of her!

If you’re ever in this part of Michigan, I’d definitely recommend a sand dune tour. It was fun, adventurous, and scenic all at once! Maybe we’ll go back when Isabella is older and have her try again…

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