18 Weeks

For some reason, 18 weeks feels like a big milestone to me. Not sure why. It’s not as if either of my 2 miscarriages ended around this time. Maybe it’s because with Isabella I had the ultrasound at 18 weeks, which is a pretty big deal. This time around we’re not getting the ultrasound until 22 weeks. I could have gone in 2 weeks from now to get it done at the 20 week mark but decided to wait for my regularly scheduled appointment time. It’s all about practicality you know.


(I told Isabella to smile and point at my stomach as if to say “What’s that!?” This is what I got)

Doc Appointment: My appointment today went fine. No surprises really. At this stage in the game, they’re all pretty routine. They call my name, I walk back and step on the scale. 152 pounds today which means I’ve gained a total of 12 pounds. As you’ll recall, my goal is to stick to gaining no more than 1 pound a week. Between the last appointment at 14 weeks and today, I’ve only gained 3 lbs. so I’m pretty happy with that. Healthy weight gain yet not overdoing it.

After I’m weighed, they take me to the exam room and check my blood pressure. It’s always normal or low. Then they ask me for a urine sample. Let me tell you, at this point in my life, I am a master at peeing in a cup. Not a drop spilled today!

Then I wait to see the doctor. She comes in, we chat and then it’s time to check for the baby’s heartbeat. She uses the Doppler radar machine. It’s a handheld device that can detect a heartbeat starting around 10 weeks. She can usually finds it in a matter of seconds. Today she couldn’t at first. I started to have flashbacks to August 30th, 2011 when, in that same room, I found out the news that there wasn’t a heartbeat. Turns out it was the way in was laying on the table. I had my knees bent and feet flat. She had me scootch back and straighten my legs. As soon as I did, she found that precious heartbeat immediately. Phew!


Body Changes: Lately I’ve been noticing my skin is more itchy. Specifically on the 2 areas that are growing: the lumps and the bump. I was fortunate with my first pregnancy that I didn’t end up with stretch marks on my stomach. It’s somewhat of a miracle considering I gained nearly 60 lbs. I think it’s because I was pretty diligent about applying lotion everyday. So I’ve gone back to doing that and it’s helped a lot.

Heartburn. Like Arnold, it’s back. With a vengeance. I had stopped taking the daily antacids when the burn calmed down around weeks 12 and 13. I didn’t need it anymore. But I’m finding that I have to work them back in  more and more. There are some nights when even the antacids can’t tame it. When that happens I just go to bed and ride it out.

Isabella Moments: We’ve had a busy week. CJ and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We didn’t do anything too crazy to commemorate. Just a movie and dinner. CJ also bought me an assortment of candy since the traditional gift for the 6th year is, well, candy! For a pregnant lady, that’s a total win!

6th anniversary

Also this week, we’ve been watching Isabella’s friend Owen in the evenings!


They have had a blast playing with each other.


But boy does it tire me out. It’s given me insight in to what it will be like to have 2 kids. They have way more energy than me!


But at least there are moments of quiet too.

I’ll end with a story. When I got home from work today, Isabella ran over and asked me to play tea party with her. I said sure, but only after I got a hug and a kiss! She came over, hugged me around the legs, kissed my tummy and then whispered, “Hi Baby Skeleton!” Cutest. Moment. Ever.


In case you missed it, here are some of the previous weeks!

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