Saturday night was Date Night for CJ and me. We haven’t had one of those in a while and it was good to get out. Overall the evening was great – went out to dinner, caught a movie, walked around in the moonlight and then stopped for a yummy dessert. Jealous yet? 

But wait, there’s more!

The only black spot was our movie going experience. There is a dine-in movie theatre in one of the newly renovated parts of Omaha, Midtown Crossing, that we’ve heard a lot about but not experienced. So, we thought it would be fun to check it out. I had heard from several friends that the food there was just ok, so we ate dinner at another restaurant and then went to the theatre for the show and snacks. 

Being newbies, we had no idea what to do. We walked in and instead of finding a ticket counter, there was only an escalator, some movie posters and 3 computers at which to purchase tickets. So we got regular tickets (i.e. not in the dining section) and heading upstairs. On the 2nd floor is a lounge so we kept going up to the 3rd floor.

This reminded us a lot of what going to movies is like in NYC. You literally have to go up many flights to get to your theatre. One movie we saw was on the 10th floor! The difference is that everything is well-marked and laid out there so you know exactly where you’re going. It wasn’t well-marked at this theatre.

Anywho, we got to the 3rd floor and were greeted by a ticketing agent. She sees our tickets and tells us that the regular seats are the first 3 rows, as in those closest to the screen. I did not want to see “Thor” 3-D that close up, so we shelled out an extra $1 a piece to sit in the dining area, in the very back.

We go in and sit down. It’s about 7 pm at this time. A waitress comes over and tells us this is not her theatre but she’s helping some guy out and takes our order: 2 pops and a large plain popcorn. Seems pretty easy right? She brings our pops right away but then says it’ll be a minute on the popcorn.

So we spend some time trying to figure out how to adjust the seats, which are basically glorified office chairs. You have to stand up and pump this lever to raise it up. If you pump the lever while sitting in it, you go down. I am not kidding you, it took us 5 min. of standing then sitting then standing then sitting to get our chairs right. That’s when I discovered there was a server calling button right in my view so I made CJ switch with me (since he’s taller it didn’t block his view) and then we did the chair adjustment charade all over again!

I had just gotten comfie in my new chair when a different waitress came over with out popcorn. It was a HUGE tub! As she went to hand it to me, she knocked the bucket against another chair and popcorn went flying everywhere. She was mortified and immediately started scraping it back in the bucket (and all over the floor and the chair next to us) and apologizing over and over. She mumbled that she’d be back with another bucket.

A few minutes later a couple of guys came to sit next to us and cursed the fact that there was popcorn all over their chairs.

The movie starts. It’s 7:30 pm now and we still have no new popcorn.We get through the previews and I tell CJ to press the call button. A waiter comes over (this is now yet another person) and asks if we’re ready to order. We tell him we ordered 45 min. ago. He says he’ll be right back with our popcorn. He comes over and hands us a small tub and leaves. At this point I don’t care that it’s the wrong size. I’m hungry and I dig in. Turns out he had brought us BUTTERED popcorn, which CJ absolutely abhors! I love it but usually sacrifice the butter for him, and for the state of my cardiovascular system. I warned CJ that it was butter and I thought he was going to pull a Hulk and turn green right there on the spot. CJ ANGRY! Would have been somewhat apropos considering we were at a Marvel movie.

We press the call button again. The dude comes over and CJ tells him we got the wrong kind. Waiter looks over at me, who is basically face planted into the bucket and devouring it not unlike how the Tasmanian Devil might. CJ says something about though his wife enjoys the butter he does not. Dude says he’ll bring another bucket, which he does about 5 min. later. By now it’s 8:30. It’s been 90 MINUTES since we first ordered and we’re an hour into the movie. And it’s just popcorn! It’s not like we ordered something fancy like a hamburger.

A few minutes later we get our bill. Dude charged us for 2 popcorns even though we ordered one. I don’t care that I ate the 2nd one like it was going out of style, we only ordered 1! I tell CJ not to pay it. Dude comes by and checks for our credit card then leaves. Comes by again. He did this about every 5 minutes. Finally when the movie was over, he asked us for it at which point I told him, in so many words, that there was no way in hell I was paying for 2 popcorns when I only ordered 1 and it took and hour and a half for them to get it right! He mumbled something about talking to his manager and sheepishly slinked off. He came back with a new bill with just one popcorn on it. We paid and left.

Maybe we caught them on a bad night. Maybe we were being smited by Odin. Whatever the case may be, it was a bad experience and I won’t go back. I mean, how hard is it to get popcorn right AT A MOVIE THEATRE!!! The other aspect I didn’t like was that you could see the heads of the waiters/waitresses as they walked by and hear dishes clanking. No thanks.

Other than that, the evening was magical, particulary the part where I got to eat my whole dinner by myself without having to share a bite with anyone, or have anyone throw it at me. Although I did give CJ a bite of my burger as a test to see if he could tell the diff between a hamburger and a turkey burger. He could. He totally nailed it.

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CJ earned major points this morning.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the concept of earning points for things. With all the rewards programs offered by stores and credit cards these days, how can you not be? There are other types of points too. For example, man points. According to, man points are, “Points that one receives upon the completion of a distinctly manly task. More often than not, intelligent points and man points are inversely proportional.” ‘Nuf said.

Is it sad that I probably have more man points than some guys I know? What can I say, I’m a renaissance woman!

Anywho, back to how CJ earned his points today.

I was getting dressed this morning and having a hard time finding something to wear. See, I’m very conscious of wearing clothes to highlight areas of my body that I like and hiding ones that I don’t. So if I put on a shirt and it shows rolls and bumps/lumps that I’d rather not show, it goes back in the closet. Sometimes it takes trying on 3 or 4 shirts and pants combinations before I find one that works. Other days I just give up and go for the baggy sweatshirt.

Today I put on a purple plaid shirt that is loose enough to cover up my tummy but not so loose that it looks sloppy. I paired it with boot cut jeans, black tall boots, some sparkly jewelry and I was good to go. Then I looked in the mirror and the naggy, bitchy, negative mean girl who sometimes sits on my shoulder showed up.

“Your butt looks big in those jeans,” she said. “Maybe you should wear a longer shirt to cover it up.”

I checked again and thought maybe she was right. I have been eating a lot of junk lately and perhaps it was all settling in my trunk.

I pulled on my shirtto try and cover up what I now saw as the ginormous rear view in the mirror but it didn’t make a difference. I was about to change to another outfit when I heard Isabella calling from the next room. “Mama!” she said in her sweet happy little morning voice.

That was enough of a distraction for me to say “Aw screw it!” to the mean girl on my shoulder and just go as I was, though I wasn’t feeling the greatest about how I looked.

I went out in the kitchen and before I could say anything, CJ said, “Wow, you look hot in those jeans!” and gave me a big kiss.

Cha-ching! 5 gajillion husband points earned! And some man points too!

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Tomorrow is CJ and my 4 year wedding anniversary. We’ve had so many adventures together during that time that it feels like it should be longer!

On a bus in London. I'm wearing the ring around my neck and holding it up because it was too big.

CJ proposed to me in London, which was one leg of our Ireland-London vacation. I had a gut feeling that Ceige was going to propose sometime on the trip but didn’t know exactly when, so I was sort of waiting for it. We only had a day and a half in London and wanted to see EVERYTHING so it was definitely a whirlwind. We spent the first day going from place to place and eventually dragged ourselves back to the hotel for dinner and bed.

Engagement picture

I remember being very exhausted. All I wanted was to take a hot shower and crash. CJ suggested we have dinner downstairs, at the fancy restaurant in the hotel. I had an inkling he was going to do it over dinner so I put on some nice clothes and we headed downstairs. We ordered and chatted a bit. Then CJ said he had a headache and needed to go back to the room for some Tylenol. I knew he was going up to get the ring. I got really nervous. He came back down and I could tell that HE was nervous. He started talking about our relationship and how much he loved me. I looked away for a second and when I looked back, there was a ring box on the table. I opened it and as I did, he got down on one knee and said, “Sarah, will you marry me?” I was nervous and I don’t do well with expressing my emotions. I got sort of tangled up with my words and blurted out, “Yes of course I will!” I later regretted that I didn’t cry or say something more romantic, but, hey, that’s me! 

I love this pic

Our wedding was amazing and everything we wanted it to be. Beautiful flowers, cake and setting; amazing ceremony (CJ sang to me!) and reception (I danced my ass off!) and of course, all our wonderful friends and family. Here’s something crazy – I had over $200 stolen from my purse during the reception! It’s a long story but needless to say, it was not the ending I had dreamt of for my dream wedding! 

Honeymoon in Riviera Maya

Our honeymoon was incredible too. We spent a week in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I like to go, go, go on trips and CJ likes to relax so we did both. We alternated days – one day was an outing and the next was relaxation. It was perfect. We had spa time, pool time, snorkeling, pirate cruises, Mayan Adventures, and more. To this day, when I need to go to my “happy place”, I go there.  

As I said, we’ve had many adventures in our time together (travels across the country and around the world, death of his mother and my grandmother, new jobs and losing jobs, getting Samson, pregnancy and parenthood) and I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else.

Ceige – here’s to 4 amazing years and to 40 more!!

Me and my Boo