Now that Munchkin is talking, we have to be careful what we say. She hasn’t repeated any bad words yet that she hears from us because we’ve been pretty careful. However, there are a few words that she says which, if heard wrong, could be bad.

She loves her rubber duckies. Whenever she sees one she yells out “duck!” But…sometimes the “d” is lost and the “u” sounds more like an “o”, if you catch my drift. She also is in to animal noises and she knows that ducks say “quack, quack”. But again, the “q” sounds more like a “c” and the “ua” come out with an “o” sound. 😐

Yesterday, because it was Daylight Savings Time, she saw us resetting all the clocks and wanted to know what we were doing. So we pointed to each one and said “clock!” which she immediately repeated back, only without the “l”.

This means that there are numerous instances when our precious little one is running around the house yelling “c–k!”  It’s funny right now but I’m sure I’ll be mortified when it happens out in public.

2 thoughts on “Earmuffs!

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