Team Trader Thursday!

I am seriously jonesing for volleyball. I need my fix man!

Team Trader hasn’t played in 3 weeks. We had a bye last week and the week before they canceled it so another league could use our gym. This means a couple of things for tonight’s games:

  1. Most of us will be rusty. Back in the day I played vb 2-3 times a week, which of course helps keeps the skills sharp. But, with a child now, I can only commit to one night a week. Most of the other girls only play once a week as well. Sooo….not playing at all for 2 weeks means our mad skillz will take a big of a nosedive tonight. But, it won’t take us long to get back in to it! We’re rock stars after all!
  2. We will all be sore tomorrow. 2 hours of running, jumping, rolling, diving, squatting, raising/lowering your arms, and hitting the ball will do that to a person.
  3. We have a lot to catch up on so there will be much chatter on the court.
  4. We will have a blast!

I’ve still got this pesky virus that’s going around and taking my family down one by one. But I’m getting better each day. Because of being sick, I haven’t worked out AT ALL in over 3 weeks. That’s like, unheard of for me. So I will be extra sore and tired tomorrow. It’s worth it though.

Go Team Trader!!

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